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How to Create an Inspired Business

How to create an inspired business, is about listening to your feelings. Your niche should be something you know about, something that doesn’t feel like work.

Patricia Ogilvie, copywriter and marketing design specialist. Patricia specializes in creating ads and Marketing copy for business owners who want a better way of staying in touch with their prospects and clients and keep them coming back for more. Patricia can be reached at (780) 940-5429.  

Are you ready to create an inspired business? If you are, here are some ideas to think about. 

A niche, should be something you know about, something that doesn’t feel like work. It’s something that inspires you. This leads me to what Patricia wrote “Do what YOU are Inspired to Do.” This is your niche. You are better to serve people and people will feel your energy, your enthusiasm that you are really willing to help them, they will be attracted to you.

Are you ready means what are you inspired to do, have and be. Here’s what my friend Patricia wrote about inspired action.

Take my friend Mari-Lyn for example. She had an inspiration to put together a program about how to market art – successfully. Mari-Lyn had had it – she had had just about enough of the ole’ proverbial statements about “starving artists”. Enough was enough!

The truth is, most artists are too busy creating art and don’t really have the initiative nor experience to go out and sell their own work. So Mari-Lyn, realizing how limiting this was to their overall being – felt inspired to take action.

She let a few of her friends know her idea – to help artists, painters, singers, or any artistically minded individual promote and sell their craft without the pain and agony of starvation! Miraculously, those she told her dream idea about grabbed the concept immediately.

As the business set-up of the program was being considered, interestingly enough, even more people wanted in. And do you know why? Because the concept came from inspiration in the first place, that’s why. And inspiration is not intention! Let’s clarify a few things here.

Today I realized that most intentions are limitations.

Did you know that intentions come from your ego and can actually limit what is possible for you to receive? Not everyone thinks this way. In fact most don’t.

And the educated standard out there suggests that setting goals and achieving them is critical to success. Yes and no!

There’s an easier, better, smoother way to go through life.

1. Stupid Stage
Now don’t take too much offense here. I call this first stage of business life the stupid stage. We create, think highly of our work and way down deep inside we continue believing what we’re told – that you’re stupid if you think someone will buy that! Anyone ever tell you that? Have you told yourself that?

Ouch! Most of us stay there, believing history and crud! But some of us break free.

2. Mind Over Matter Stage
You grow up, mentally and emotionally. You realize you have more power than you ever thought before. In this stage setting intentions about what you want out of life can be fun, exciting and useful. You think your own way out and decide where you want to go. Using imagination is a very powerful concept and it’s this imagination stage that even the hungriest artist can relate to. Not bad – but still struggles at times.

But there’s a stage after that.

3. Let It Go Stage
In this third stage you realize you still can decide what you want to do or what you want to sell, but the interesting part is that you know that you don’t have control.

Shall I repeat that? You know and accept that you don’t have control. You don’t have all power. This is where you let it go. This is where you can receive inspiration from something greater than your ego awareness. This beyond intention – it’s guided through inspiration.

This stage is about trust and going with the flow.

4. Apply Intention To The Inspiration
Now that you feel inspired with an idea – set it as your intention. Get it? Now that intention didn’t come from ego. Now that intention didn’t come from a place of struggle and manipulation. It comes from inspiration and it supports you to achieve even more than you imagined! Sure, I’ll say it – it comes from Divine!

How Do Know Intentions From Inspiration?


When an idea to do anything comes from your heart, or your gut, it feels different than from your mind. And when you follow the heart, you follow your best path that even the most planning can’t match up against.

However, there is one more thing you need to know about achieving success through inspiration. You need to clear out the old history, the old data, and the old crud that prevents the inspiration to come through. Clean and clear the old blocks.

What do you feel inspired to do? Do you believe it? Ah… that’s the key.

It’s true a few of the people I knew in the Art world wanted to be a part of it.. a series of classes each person was going to be responsible for.

Where in your life do you feel the flow? If it’s uncomfortable that’s ok, life is taking you in a new direction.  

Patricia and I actually without practice, facilitated a workshop together on “How to attract the clients you want.” – we guaranteed results within 48 hours. No one has ever given that kind of guarantee, we both knew it works as we did it ourselves. This reminds me of perhaps doing a class on this subject again.

I hope this article has given you some ideas on how you can get started..learn more. IF you enjoyed this article subscribe to my newsletter


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