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How to Create Your Own Social Circle

How to create your own social circle. A social circle is about creating your own tribe or people you collaborate with and it becomes a mentorship group too!

Came up with social circles, as it’s a great way to have your own mentors, collaborators – a tribe of people that you have each others back.

By creating a culture for the greater good in working with people you can have the best relationships in your business. It’s nice when people appreciate what you do for them. It’s also a feel good when you know this. When we feel good for someone who is nice to us, they understand and will help you more easily.

How can you inspire them to want to work with you and help you? You want to create goodwill by sharing your content, helping them when they need it, offer assistance this shows that you care, will build trust and a good working relationship.

On Feb 26, 2000, I wrote an article about how you can create a kinder workplace environment. If you don’t have one, then surround yourself with a community of collaborative and cooperative people.

Being kinder means to provide heart felt experiences within your business and community, it’s really your Social Circle. Have you ever experienced an act of kindness from a stranger and the experience that you felt WOW that was nice? Imagine that your social circle becomes this great group that you can do business with, have partners in business, share acts of Kindness spread joy while creating a great business?

This is one of your goals to create a WOW experience or when you end the conversation with someone, you feel good. That you were glad to have a conversation with the person.

One day when I was at a networking meeting, one guy asked me what I did and I said, “I”m in the Kindness business.” He said, “That’s a great business to be in. He said, back to me, “Businesses are made up of people and without people we don’t have a business.

Your goal is to do acts of kindness without an expectation of return.

• Anomalously send someone a card or a note or video of thanking them for all that they do or something that would be meaningful for you the sender and for
them to receive it.
• Give encouragement, a kind word, a smile or even just a hello
• Set up a referral program and give Time Dollars to people who refer you.

Define what you value and what you do better than any one else, find people that are similar to you and start creating your own Social Circle. Ask lots of questions, find out how you can work together.

• Are there opportunities that you can work on together?
• Is there away you can help each other for mutual benefit?
• Do you have the same audience?
• Do you share the same values?

Decide today to reach out an talk to someone, you will discover that you will have better relationships, be happier and will attract more like-minded people to you.

Using Kindness as a strategy to improve your relationships, family, customers and friends in how we treat them, it raises the bar for others to follow your example. How we treat people shows how successful we are in our lives. By the way, this includes how we treat ourselves.

Get started today!

The ultimate value of the group is to support one another, help you get and understand how you too can get more referrals. Isn’t this the best way to grow our own businesses? Of course it is.

Carol Deckert and I started talking back and forth, this is what we came up with. This is not for the faint-hearted. It’s for people who really want to get ahead in the game of growing your business.

Create your own social circle or join one of ours….

How To Create Your Own Social Circle
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