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How to Generate More Relationships

How to generate more relationships, these are customers, fans, visitors and leads that you want to create friendly long term relationships and customers.

HubSpot they have developed a concept of Inbound Marketing, it is without using advertising, direct marketing, cold calls, ads in the newspapers and on TV.

This type of marketing tends to be stale and ineffective. When did you last respond to an ad from your local paper? You might of called them to ask for more information, however before you bought the product or service you would likely have called a friend or two to see if anyone has heard of them and if their product or service really works.

InBound marketing, says that if you use this concept your cost of your leads are 62% lower, their data has been pretty consistent.

What has made the difference?

Blogging, you’ll get more visitors, then you share it on the various social media tools, like Facebook, Twitter and other networks. You also want to be sure that you have a Call 2 Action on every post or page.

In my last post, I wrote about Relationship Marketing and what it is and what it isn’t.

This leads to a sale funnel, it used to be they buy and go away. Now it’s much better if you engage with your buyers/customers for much longer period of time. In other words, you have the opportunity to make them Evangelists for your products and services. The reason for this, is because of the Internet and Social Media. Customers have a voice more than ever before. this is why it is really important to develop a relationship with them beyond from when they 1st buy your product or service.

How can you start engaging with them?

  • Be responsive to their questions and complaints
  • Answer their questions
  • Respond to their complaints

Whenever you see somebody who is mentioning you or your company on Twitter, or whatever tool you are going to use. Be consistent once you start this. Leverage your colleagues. One of the tools I have been using with a few people is called, we feed each other’s blog posts, this way we are helping each other to expand our audiences.

People trust the people they follow, thus by doing you are recommending your colleague to your audience.

When people follow me on Twitter, on Fridays or Saturdays I do a “Appreciating my new followers.” People appreciate being appreciated.

You want to be helpful, informing people, teaching the and providing educational information. As you are sharing, you will earn their trust you can slowly start promoting yourself because people will be interested in you.

Slideshare to your customers, connections and visitors. People sometimes say, to me “That’s what You Tube is for.” Yes,  YouTube has a purpose however you are now driving your audience to You Tube rather than serving your audience by delivering them your personal message to them.

How do you generate more relationships? It’s takes time and just engage with people online, comment, like, share their posts. You can do checkin calls another thing I’ve been doing more of is wishing people happy birthday on LinkedIn.. it’s a really simple thing – LinkedIn will tell you who is celebrating

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