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How to get better customers

How to get better customers is by profiling who they are so you can attract better ones than you have now.

More Customers

I recently created a video on how to write up your ideal customer/client profile. Even after all these years when I have asked people who are their customers and how can I help them. The usual answer is everyone. The problem with this is, there isn’t a customer segment called everyone.

There are Business 2 Business customers, Business 2 consumers and now there is Person 2 Person. The last category is a new way since on social media you are chatting and speaking from you to another person.

You can download the exercise to listen and the video about how to get better customers. Follow along with the PDF, that lays out each step with some clues to help you.

I’ve used this process every time I have a new product or service. Most of the time it’s the same profile as I am only creating it emotionally and what is really important to me. Not necessarily by who the target audience is. No matter who it is that buys my products and services. If they like me, trust me then I will know who I want to work with and you is attracted to me.

At the end of this video (got a bit clipped off), I will guarantee within 48 hours you will have the customer you wrote down in the profile. If you don’t like what you got, then you need to go back and tweak it so it works for you.

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This article is written by Mark Mehling he shares the difference between the terms of ‘Customer and ‘Client. It starts with KLT, the rule is people do business with those they Know, Like and Trust.

But how much business do they do? And how loyal are they? That brings us to today’s lesson, understanding the difference between Customers and Clients. You can download it.
If will be posting five (5) minute tips in the next few weeks about how you can develop better relationships with your clients.

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