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How to Get Cheap Traffic

How to Get Cheap Traffic, a review on Comment tools that are available for you to help you get more visitors, simply by using comment plugins on your blog

Comments as you know will bring up your index level on Google and give you links, backlinks which is import to connect with other people and their sites. And not just Google but for other search engines.

Built-in compatibility with Disqus Profile means that you can encourage verified commenter profiles — real comments from real people. And with global reputation across all sites, you can track influential commenters on and off your site.

Intense Debate
Chris Gammell wrote an excellent post about his experience using IntenseDebate.  After reading Matt Mullenweg’s post, 6 Steps To Kill Your Community, Chris was compelled to give IntenseDebate a try.  Here are some of his initial thoughts on how you can benefit from using IntenseDebate (via his post):

  • Reply directly to comments made by others – No more calling out names, now it’s a hierarchical format that shows your reply directly below theirs.
  • Login is easier — IntenseDebate let me create a Facebook app; not that I wanted to for personal gain, but now you can use Facebook to login to the comments here if you like. […] You can also login with Twitter, IntenseDebate, or it will just pull your photo in if you happen to use Gravatar (another Automatic creation, the same people that do WP).
  • Subscribe to comments — I usually “set it and forget it” when it comes to commenting on sites. Once I’ve dropped off my two cents, I usually don’t care to stick around and refresh or I completely forget I commented somewhere. The comments subscription is easy and won’t overwhelm your inbox. Plus you can reply back to any replies you get through email.
  • Voting – I don’t want this site to be a popularity contest, but sometimes you see a comment you really like. Now there’s a up/down arrow next to comments you think are really good so they’ll rise to the top. Similar to a reddit or more relevant ChipHacker. I like the “democratic” view of commenting–just because you’re the most recent doesn’t mean you should show up first. Even if you’re not planning on commenting, take a minute to click on comments you agree with.
  • ComLuv – It’s been rated high for a comment tool. Yes you can leave a comment, However if you want your feeds to be pulled through so your visitor can read other blog posts you have posted, your RSS needs to be with FeedBurner to truly make it work for you.. What is ironic is that they personally use FeedBlitz not Feedburner as their own RSS provider.

This plugin that will pull your latest blog post title into your post automatically. It’s a simple way to show what you’ve been writing about even if you don’t want to write “PLEASE LISTEN TO ME AND VISIT MY SITE” in every post. I doubt that anyone on the internet ever does that kind of thing though. With this new plugin, it’s no big deal.

Sharing – I really don’t think many people are submitting my posts to social media sites, but this is also integrated as a plugin (previously it was a plugin at the bottom of the post, not in the comments). If you feel the urge, I encourage it! (no pity submissions, please) Love share? 

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