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How to get more clients

How to get more clients, we have to ask what is the most powerful way, to have some, the simple answer is to  just ask for referrals or introductions.

Everyday business owners want more clients and yet they really forget the best way to get new clients is through referrals, I call it referral marketing. To make it really effective you need to put a system into place. 

Here’s a few ideas by John Jantsch:

1. Referrals are credible right from the start. When a trusted friend tells you about a business you transfer that trust to this company…even if you’ve never heard of them before.

2. People who are referred to a business tend to spend more money. Research has proven this beyond the shadow of a doubt and it is likely because people tend to refer other who are highly qualified and not just tire kickers or price shoppers.

3. Referrals are very cost-effective. In some cases free or a fraction of what you might pay in advertising costs.

In some industries, like consulting and professional services most companies are chosen solely on the recommendation of a friend.

 If you don’t have enough clients consider asking for referrals.

4. Expect to get referrals but don’t assume you will. Talk about them early and often and build them into your sales and marketing efforts…don’t wait for people to offer them.

5. Create a system. It can be as simple as advertising $20 for every referral.

6. Follow-up by phone, mail or  email asking for referrals

7. Give every client 3 business cards. Look in your drawer you’ve got hundreds. Give them out to your clients and ask them to pass them along.

 Referrals are essential to your business so don’t overlook them chasing the newest trend in marketing in your industry.

8. Debbie Fishell – I offer a referral fee, which gets other people looking for leads for me. It’s like I have an expanded sales force out there! I agree, you have to be VERY specific about what a good lead is though.

9. Carolyn Ashby Give your banding message a tune up often people don’t know what to refer you because they don’t know specifically what a good referral is or you assume they know what you do. Don’t assume they know tell them specifically and ask them for the referral.

10. Gregory Urroz, CRS, GRI, ABR • There are two types of referrals sphere-of-influence and agent-to-agent. The marketing techniques for both of these are completely different.

Marketing to your sphere-of-influence involves staying in contact on a regular basis, sending neighborhood updates, holiday greeting cards etc… Keeping them aware that you are in the business and ready to help them.

Agent-to agent marketing is multifaceted. Sites like Linkedin have made this challenge manageable. I focus an equal amount of time on both referral groups, however, my agent-to-agent referrals have a higher closing percentage.

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