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How to Get More Customers for Artists

How to get more customers for artists, creatives, graphic designers and the like to get more sales and patrons now!

Here’s some questions and we thought we would go out and chat up a few artists to find out what their needs really were. I directed artists that I knew to take the survey – “help me to help you”. I also promised for those that filled out the survey they would get a copy of the results. Over thirty artists completed the survey and told us what was important to them. Now a customized program can be made just for them.

Reposition your business – you need to refine your business in how it is going to fit into your customers’ mind. As the market changes you may have to change your position. By doing a survey of your audience or vertical, it will help you to become current in their minds and their desires.

Share the wealth – send out your newsletters to everyone in your audience, you’ll get referrals from some of your rivals. Go with the idea that there is enough work for everyone.

Create a value added product or service – for your customers/clients. Turn to a video presentation, share information, share your story of what you do in your business, then answer the customers questions. This allows you to get to know your customers personally. Gift with purchase.

Create evangelists from all your customers – get them to talk about you. A bread company created a bread zealot club. They started to answer the questions their customers had and sent our postcards that shared this information about their breads.

Club members would receive notices about a new product and an occasional 10% discount. The bakery knew the annual cost of keeping a customer was $7 per person. Simultaneously, net sales grew 18% a year for the first 3 years from the club, while the number of members in the club grew almost tenfold.

Provide above expected customer service. This has to be your philosophy, a principle and an attitude your whole company needs to adopt, even if it is just two people.

Do something extra, to wow your customers – A shoe store gives away shoe horns, or foot massages. A locksmith, gives away silicone to each new customer to help unstick locks. Sedona Pies video’d a recipient of his pie, and sent the video email to the gal who ordered the pie, the video was priceless.

Record your customers preferences in your database – to help you personalize serving them. Incorporate a customer comment database. Every time a customer leaves a comment card or you speak with them on the phone. When they order from you, customize their order like adding more sugar or serve it on the side; or adding something that they prefer, like a certain newspaper they like to read. You’ll have fanatically loyal customers.

If you are ready to have more customers join the creative collective, it about crowdsourcing ideas, solutions so the the creatives /artists can get more customers and sales.

One of the unique things small business have over the big guys is the ability to establish personal relationships. Bigger businesses really can’t do this. Small businesses can be virtuous.” Jim Rohn

Mari-Lyn Harris
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