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How to get more Referrals

How to get more referrals to some businesses is the life blood of thier business. The video introduces how you can get started in getting referrals.

How To Get More Referrals

One thing about joining Alignable you have the opportunity to get to know more people locally and develop relationships with local business people. Ask for referrals from people when they like and trust you, they will be your customers, co-workers, colaborative partners, various social circles. Some people join groups like BNI and LeTip to help develop referall partners.

There are various networking groups you can go to meet people who are of like minded who have the same intention as you.

Start asking for referrals, with people who have the same customer as you want to do business with. Be reciprocal, do the same for someone else or the same person. Start introducing and referring people to them, test it, if they don’t reciprocate back after a few months ask them why. Perhaps, they need more information from you, they help will what clues they need to refer to you. If it doesn’t work, just let that person go. Find someone else to partner with.

Begin by growing your relationship capital. When you are growing your relationship capital, you want to create a strategy to have more friends, colleagues and customers. Here are six ways you can design your plan:

1. Start with your objective – once you write out your clear and specific objective it will boost your overall design
2. Create a data base of your friends and categorize them, I use my address book and Busy Contacts it’s a MAC app, to help me stay connected
3. What’s your soul of your brand? This isn’t about features and benefits ie. Apple = Innovation, Disney = Magic. What’s on the the other side of your brand?
4. Build trust and loyalty – be friends 1st, share and help others
5. Be where your customers are..listen and observe
6. Work your design – it will take time, keep your profiles updated, this alone with add
more value than you can imagine.

Get your copy of the Relationship Marketing e-book, it will give you tips on how to further develop getting referrals.


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