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How to Get More Responsive Customers

How to get more responsive customers starts by converting your leads into sales. When the leads become cold, a person will feel rejected and go somewhere else.

Say someone fills out a form from your website and requests more information? A member of your team, sends out a brochure or refers them to a part of your website to get more information. Then what?

How many times has someone from your company called the person back to see if there is something they are interested in or how your company can help them? Why not call them back and offer a call to action, like a FREE Report, become a member of your Elite club, a Free exam, or Free Consultation, a Free lunch or Coffee. Or let’s do a chat, see how I can support you better.

When you respond back with a letter or e-mail be sure to cover these points:
1. A Thank you for asking about your product or service
2. Highlighting the key points of your product or service
3. What would be the next step in buying from you – What’s your offer?
4. Write in a conversational tone, just like you talk.
5. Write with a “YOU” in mind, this communication is personal not a technical letter or a big pitch to sell them something.

Responsive customers will reply back – some will instantly, some may wait, don’t give up after all it’s about building and growing a relationship with them. Someone told me it takes 7 times before they will opt in or want to talk with you.

Hubspot is great for this, they offer a 30 day trial of their software every time you download one of their free e-books.

If you need help in writing your communications, be sure to get a copy-writers help. Here are a 2 copywriters that I know do great work:

1. Chuck Carroll 408-375-2064
2. Randy Kemp – b2btechcopy at gmail dot com

After you have done the 1st follow up, be sure to find out how soon they plan on buying from you. Who is the decision maker? What are their roles? Who recommended you? What’s the next step the in process how are you going to convert them from a suspect to a customer then into a guest?

You will want to establish credibility with each of your suspects before they decide to become a customer. Some of the things you can do is:

• To send them an article that you have written, or refer them to your blog.
• Share the clients or people of whom you have worked with
• Testimonials or recommendations from people
• A FAQ page, list the common questions people ask and your answers
• Use a photo or head shot of yourself, a photo is good business, there is instant rapport and a trust factor. i.e. with LinkedIn of Facebook or any other social network that you belong to.

The Art of Customer Retention is really about converting them into Customers and then into guests. When they become Guests, this is where your relationship with them will really be rewarding. Download my report why you need a customerretentionprogram.4.17

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