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How to Get Social Media Marketing Working For You

How to get social media marketing working for you, it’s looking at where are you spending your time. The key thing is to reach out, take classes and keep growing. .

It’s been a busy few years jumping on the band wagon of Social Media. There have been surveys, polls, questions asked of us..the one about what’s your biggest challenge, solution or issue do you have?

Even some groups on Linkedin or Facebook is becoming too much. I say, it’s not about quantity – how many people you are connected with on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook. Branch out or anywhere else, it’s about having quality relationships. Are you really into relationships? As they take work, too many little things and details that need to be looked after. It’s the little things that make a difference in any relationship, personal or business.

For those of you who really want to know.. here’s some questions I asked in my Marketing Survey.. In what ways do you feel Social Media Marketing has let you down?

25% The cost of the $ investment
75% In time ROI
25% How to measure their ROI (return of investment)
25% Don’t know which are the best tools to use for their particular business
25% Don’t know the best way to reach their audience
25% Not being specific enough with the information that business owners get both on and off line
50% Being overloaded with information, and what to do with it

Let me address some of the concerns business owners have. There are only a few companies that I would actually trust to do my own Social Media marketing and I certainly wouldn’t give it to a high schooler to look after my marketing.

You definitely need a map or strategy to why you want to use social media, where do you want to be, what’s the best solution for your business and don’t do it because everyone else is doing it.

There are some great places to go and hang out with your friends and customers this doesn’t mean it’s a fit for you. This is why you need a plan or strategy to follow along to keep you focused.

How would you like to see an improvement in using Social Media and or Marketing in your business?

100%  Getting more clients
50%   Publicity/media
50%   More Joint Ventures
100% Getting referrals
75%  More sales
50%  Working with collaborative people
100% Getting a return of time spent
75%  Weren’t really sure

My first glance on these answers is that we aren’t asking for the sale or referrals. It seems we really just are stuck in our own Marketing. As far as a return of your time, it’s unlike money, you can’t get it back. So you need to spent it wisely.

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