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How to Grow Client Relationships

How to Grow Client Relationships, is to grow your readers into clients by providing tools and resources that will help them in their business.

Along with good content on your blog you can offer:

  • Low cost workshops
  • Webinars
  • Tele-semnars
  • Calls – group calls or one on one
  • Tips sheets
  • Newsletters or e-zines
  • Interviews

You don’t want to develop relationships by writing sarcastic comments on Twitter or send people crap  to contests or games that are made by a crappy company, this is not relationship building efforts, this is called spam (on line) off line it is called drop them before they harm you.

In 2020 it’s call Ghosting. Not showing up for people. Not willing to help people.

Your e-book can become very valuable when you combines it with other messages like doing a webinar with it or podcast or a video. People have many ways to engage with you.

Remember you want to serve them to help them and you want to continue to build your list. The value that you provide with your reader or subscriber or follower is what will want them to take the next step.

Sometimes, you will find that some people will subscribe ( Marketing tips newsletter) to your newsletter for just the bonus that they’ll receive. Just let them go.

Information products are popular and sell very well. Be sure that if you write your e-book or any other content that it fits your audience. 

Video’s are also a great way to to create content..

For example you if want to get to know what I can help you with, you can:

    • Have a chat with me for 30 minutes
    • You can sign up for my educational series about every month I interview a specialist in their field
    • Just book an appointment with me

I will be interviewing John Guanzon about “Building Your List.” To get on the call register by filling out the Marketing Tips newsletter. I just need your name and e-mail address. You’ll be notified when the calls take place.

    • Other FREE podcasts are also available about Strategic Marketing

I am even hosting a call for you the subscribers so you can tell me what more you want to learn and know about. Yes, I can send you a survey..wouldn’t it be better that you could actually talk with me?

  • I have FREE e-books written by myself and other Guest experts
  • I offer webinars on topics that are about growing your business – marketing, social media and relationships

From all of these products, services you have an opportunity to get to know me to see if I would be the person you want to work with. From this point we can develop a wonderful working relationship. Which means we get to grow together.



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