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How to Grow Your Social Circle

How to Grow Your Social Circle, it’s about how most professionals don’t actually have a plan of growing their Social Circle.

They leave it up to networking, occasional lunches or coffees, golf, speed networking or any other random act to get them where they think they are going.

In order to grow and develop your Social Circle you have to make a commitment that will be life-changing. Your success will depend upon selecting clients that have the same values as you have.

Once you do, you’ll have outstanding success. Many people have eliminated frustration, in finding the right people to work with, whether they are referrals from clients or from people outside your inner circle. The best of times we all have at one time or another struggle with sales or to get people to buy into what we are offering.

Since you want more and better relationships have you also committed in having them? If you have, there are four steps for success in making this happen.

  1. Commit to developing important communications skills ensuring that you ask, speak clearly and listen
  2. Commit to planning in getting friends and connections to engage with you
  3. Commit in acting on your plan to get more of what you want, to grow your social circle with relationships, partners, referrals.
  4. Commit to follow up

This is your moment..

Our opportunities are given to us through people. You can get there quickly by planning, engaging, and visualizing until you get what you want.

Did you know… that developing and growing your social circle

  1. Top Businesses receive 90% or more business through their relationships.
  2. The Average Business receives 30% or less through their relationships.

Where do you stand now in marketing yourself? What challenges or obstacles are you now facing?

How to Grow Your Social Circle,” based on my program called  ‘Power Marketing’. It shows you how to develop better relationships for your business. read more article about this topic under relationships.

In Closing
“There are three essentials to Leadership; Humility, Clarity and Courage.”
Ch’n Master Fuchan Yuan

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