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How to increase sales by following up

How to increase sales by following up, here are five suggestions business owners say what works for them. Follow ups are a crucial part of any sales cycle

Peter Wodek from Silverland Bakery
I will schedule in my computer to email a note every week. Always keeping the same email trail below so that they know that I continue to reach out. I will slightly alter the subject line, yet always keeping our company name in the line.

How To Increase Sales By Following Up The average person gives up after two times.

Reba Kandrotas from Cakes By Reba
It depends on the information I have from the customer.  If possible I like to mail a thank-you card.  Who doesn’t like to receive a wonderful letter in the mail.  If I didn’t get a mailing address from them, then I will just send a quick email.  I usually add a short survey, just asking about how they heard of me, how happy they were with the items they purchased and of course asking if they would recommend me on my facebook or yelp page.  Which ever way I follow-up I always make it personal.  Be sure to use their names and what they ordered.  I never send a “generic” letter or email.  Always make your customers feel special, and they will return.

Candace McFarland from Market Street Realtors LLC
I put myself in the customer’s shoes. If I took the trouble to contact a business, I usually do not mind them reaching out to me repeatedly. Like most people, I am extremely busy all the time and expect I will continue to hear from my contact regularly.  I often let them know if they are no longer interested, please just let me know and I will discontinue my contact. That way if the customer does not have time to reach out to me, they know I will be there when they need me.

Laurie Umscheid from Vulcan Vacations
I follow up with a Thank you card welcoming them home and asking them to please stop by or call to tell me all about their vacation.  I also send a referral card in with that.

Jodi Seidner from Sweet Seidner’s Bake Shop
I always try to follow up in person, if possible. If the contact is not local then I use email, phone and even text messages. I try to continue to use the method that connected me in the first place. Some people will only use email while others prefer texts or phone calls. I have had the most success if I can determine the persons technology preference. Also, I never give up trying to reconnect until someone has decided not to use my services. Be persistent!

Follow ups are a crucial part of any sales cycle. But effective follow ups are more than repetitive calling and automated emails. The most successful sales people make their follow ups valuable for their prospects and demonstrate strong industry knowledge and a deep understanding of the problems at hand. By approaching your prospects in multiple ways, you can make your follow ups much more effective. The aim is to make a long term relationship with who you want to do business with.


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