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A Spider Web Capacity – if you don’t have this

A Spider Web Capacity – if you don’t have this, here’s the next best thing  is to give yourself 30 minutes a day to brainstorm or do a dump before the week begins.

The idea  below will help you to become more productive in your business.

The time the we spend together will be valuable to help you to get clear on what is stopping you today. It’s spring!  Or it’s still coming, time to shift or add a new service to what you are already doing. Even the fall means harvesting all your efforts you started in spring, it could also mean that you have built up your resources to help everyone that you do business with.

And as I look out my window at budding leaves, lime-green grass and butter-yellow dandelions – yikes they’re all over the place – a spider swings confidently across my view. It occurs to me as I watch this interesting creature that a spider never wants for food (customers). 

It builds its intricate web in an obscure little corner under the eave and that’s it. Its customer (food) comes to it. Now how does that work? 

If You Don’t Have Spider Web Building Capability  Here’s The Next Best Thing 

First let me ask you this. How do you attract your target prospects? How do they find you? More importantly, what do you do to keep them in your beautiful business web? 

Here are a few ideas. 

  • One way to attract them is to offer them specific information that only they desire. 
  • Promise content that solves their problems. 
  • Third, make it simple for them. Too many businesses try to be too many things to too many people. The power is in focus. 
  • Provide educational content
  • Don’t spray & pray that someone buys from you
  • Develop strategic alliances

Here’s another question:

Do you know who your ideal target prospects are? 

Do you know what direction you want to go?

Your target really should be specific and here’s why. 

People want things that are created for them and only them. They are willing to pay more when they see you’ve created a product or service just for them. A workshop about Customer Relations might cost as much as $175. A workshop tailored to the Retail Industry’s Cashier/Customer relations will sell for two or three times more. 

If you join the Referral Circle Mastermind group if you are a Sales Professional – you’ll get so much more from participating, plus you’ll get the perfect answers that you are seeking to grow, right now

Referral Circle Mastermind group

It’s a group where you can join other people who don’t want to commit to weekly meetings. You’ll learn different ways to grow your business by increasing your sales. Meetings are every 2 weeks, for a total of 8 weeks in a group format. For 15 or more people.

It’s a small group of maximum of 8 people get personal time, the meetings are on a weekly basis for 8 weeks. You’ll learn from myself and each person that is in the group. Check out my services page and look for the Accountability groups.

And here’s the treat part.  

If you want to attend, phone right now. Remember, only 8 spots in this Mastermind group. Call 510-320-8332 and say, I’ll be there.” I’ll send you instructions.

If you pay in full take 10% off, it’s only $74.00 on special for two months.

This is just one more way for me to show you what I know and how I might be able to help you grow your business with me Mari-Lyn Harris. If you like this kind of thing and just want to read about it..subscribe to my blog, or come find me on LinkedIn.

If there is anything that I can help you, please reach out.. or book an appointment with me.





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