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Inbound Marketing Builds Relationships

Inbound marketing builds relationships long-term which, over time, attracts highly qualified customers, buyers, and investors to their businesses like a magnet.

Inbound Marketing is flipping outbound marketing on its head and instead creates content and an online culture around your products and services that potential customers want to see.

What things can you do to attract more relationships?

You will want to consider using a customer contact manager system. Carol Deckert says, “She uses Outlook and puts people into groups.” A, B, C, or use a number system. If they don’t fit into your top priority for business for you put them in a “C” category. Maybe you have groups you can slot the people in various groups. I do this in my address group. It helps me to know where I met them, and how I can stay in touch with them. Maybe they only want to hear from me once a month or maybe it’s more often.

Another tool I really like is a CRM program, like Contacts+. It will upload new people from Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and my address book, I can set the tags in where I know them from. Then, I can download them into my address book, when I am ready to send them a group or individual message. is a great newsletter service. They have gone further than this, they now show you how to start a blog. I put everyone in my group and I can stay in touch with them this way as well. If you want to subscribe to my Blog I use their service as well.

Select the 1st 1,000 people you know in your address book and all your social networks and ask them if they would be willing to have a dialogue with you or help each other. Introduce them to other like-minded people or the same’s amazing what we can learn when we put our heads together.

Start a group on Facebook or Linkedin, that you are interested in pursuing, that is a like-minded group. ie. Referrals, Relationship Marketing, or Art Marketing or? You get the idea. Maybe it’s, just for a hobby or business or pleasure.

Social Networking on and offline will help you to develop relationships over the long term and be more valuable to you.

How many times have to met someone in person that you met online? I have and I can tell you it is such a treat. You’ll find more and more people and you can continue to deepen your relationship with them.

What other kinds of Inbound Marketing can you do to help you to keep track of people who want to learn from you?

Start a Blog. I like to call them client magnets. As you write about what you know, people begin to like you and what you write about. It’s another way to build a business.

Since I have this Blog I write about Relationships, Marketing, Kindness and Wellness. If you would like to contribute an article or share your own experience in developing relationships. I would love to hear from you. Our stories that we share will make a difference to someone else.

After meeting people on-line, meet them in person
Mercedes and I met on LinkedIn, then on MyLinkingForum, while I was going to be in Las Vegas for a few days, I contacted a few people that lived in Vegas, and asked if we could meet for coffee. I would also like to say I met Maria as well. We are all doing similar things. Who knows, perhaps down the road we can help each other by promoting each other or collaborate on a project. If you want to connect on LinkedIn, reach out.

What’s your story of connecting with people on-line?


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