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Introducing: Michael Hartzell and Others

Introducing Michael Hartnell and others. We met via LinkedIn and began connecting and sharing each other. Since then we’ve been blazing trails together.

Inbound Marketing Certified Professional; Writer; Speaker; Professor of Magic Marketing; Entrepreneur who Edutains; Teach; Partner or Provide Services to small businesses.  Boost Sales & Build Teams.  (Get more customers)

I like to do Marketing; Conundrums; Learning; Teaching;   Writing
Whether I get paid or not … these are Passions I Pursue Persistently.   As I teach others how to double sales in their business and build teams, I am blessed with the fact that each day I time is spent on marketing, solving problems, learning and teaching.

Those I teach, partner with or provide services for have a that perfect combo of professor, partner and provider of services.  Each business owner knows I offer exclusivity and confidentiality and it gives them piece of mind to know they have a mini research and development team at their disposal watching out for their best interests. Michael Hartzell website.


Patti Womack 

I met Patti via LinkedIn.  My experience and skills are very diverse. I have worked in the retail, utilities, insurance, and financial industries. I have held positions in Human Resources, Operations, Administration and Project Management. I enjoy coaching & mentoring individuals that cross my life’s path. I totally realize the value of human capital and can quickly identify individual strengths and provide guidance to help others achieve their personal and professional goals. Passionate people are the most productive people.

I would love to work in Phoenix at a fabulous company ready to help this desert community become greener.  To reach out to Patti Womack  Patti Womack, PMP®
(602) 265-5215

Walter Schwabe

When Walter and I first met, he was in a new start-up called Hot Rocket, providing websites for companies.

This was the same time I was beginning Heart@Work – promoting Kindness in business. It would of been 2001. We never had a conversation until 2006, Walter was presenting a topic about Social Media, and we actually took the time to chat with me. He even asked me, “How come we’ve never chatted until now?” My answer was you were too busy with getting clients. Relationships didn’t seem to be too important to you at the time. (I think once he got married, he shifted. We should Thank Tracy for this). Just my opinion. 

Augmented analytics – AI/ML. The fusedlogic inc. brand includes fusedlogic labs, an AI blockchaintechnology focused venture. fusedlogic inc. a Treaty 6 Aboriginal company. He’s on LinkedIn

Patricia Ogilvie

We met at a networking meeting, she was giving a talk about networking and’s been so long, I forgot the topic. I had just bought some old cigarette machines, I didn’t really have time to market them to artists and was hoping Patricia could help me out. We just hit it off, it had to me in 2008.

Throughout the years we’ve been chatting, sharing and have become really good friends..I would highly recommend Patricia for your web copy, or copy writing services, she’s very good at what she does. Find her on LinkedIn

To connect with me please visit Contact me. #editor #copywriter #ProofreaderAuthor of 14 books. I’ll give you your perfect client! Find outmore about how to gain business visibility in a most peculiar way. It will surprise and delight you.

Bonnie Dubrow

Bonnie and I met networking on BlitzTime, since then we’ve connected on Linkedin and after about a year chatting, networking we decided to do a weekly call to help solo-entrepreneurs in their Marketing. Bonnie has been a pure joy to work with, we had a lot of fun on our calls. Blitztime, was a networking platform that people would rotate on each persons’ call. Online networking at it’s finest.

Entrepreneurs need a special kind of support and encouragement. Regardless of the industry, size ofcompany or team, there’s no need for you to be lonely at the top.

Find Bonnie on LinkedIn.

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