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Is customer loyalty dead?

Is customer loyalty is it dead? Some people think it’s just meeting the sales quota and don’t worry about having repeat business. What about more referrals?

What is customer loyalty?

According to a number of strategies to increase the loyalty of customers and other stakeholders in the expectation that corporate objectives will be met or surpassed. A typical example of this type of model is:
+ Quality of product or service leads to customer satisfaction,
+ Which leads to customer loyalty,
+ Which leads to profitability.
Much what Don says below in his commentary.

Some of the newer loyalty marketing industry insiders, such as Fred Reichheld, (The Loyalty Effect is a 1996 book by Fred Reichheld of the consulting firm Bain & Company.) have claimed there is a strong link between customer loyalty marketing and customer referrals.

Most business owners these days are only interested in getting sales, not really developing relationships with their clients. However, there are the service based companies believe that having great relationships with their clients is important.

Here’s some comments about this subject:

Donald Rogers from Don Rogers Consulting LLC says:
Customer loyalty is not an action, it is a reaction. Great customer service results in customer loyalty.

Merrily Agard from Merrily the Clown
Agreed! Be the best, both in how you treat your customers/clients and in what you do and you will have loyal customers as well as the best word of mouth advertising you could hope for!

Mike Latiolais from Art By Latiolais
Customer loyalty in its true description is not dead. Lack of effort with follow up has become more apparent today, and is one of the reasons for non developing relationships. Hard work, time and trust are required between customer and client. Once a relationship is developed, powerful bonds become true allies to achieve common sales goals.”

Luke Bazely from Driverseat
“Great customer service and ‘treating people really well’ are like finding a toilet in a hotel room when you rent it. There are expectations and not differentiators. There is one word missing here, that I believe is paramount in brand loyalty / customer loyalty. Relationships. This can only be accomplished through relationships.

If you believe there is something to the idea of having customer loyalty, then check out what Sedona Pies is doing to help you reap the rewards.

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