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Is Social Media Making us UnSocial?

Is Social Media Making us UnSocial? Now that we have unlimited apps, tools a variety of platforms to use to reach people are you feeling more unsocial, or ?

Recently, I have been calling the people I am connected with on LinkedIn and Facebook. I have been getting a number of surprising responses, like: “What do you want?” or “dead silence” or some are even grateful that I took the time out to call them. This used to be the way we used to network or met with people. Call them up and say hello!

By being yourself, and not asking for find out what is going on in your friends or colleagues life, you could even ask “What is your project” or “What is it that you are working on now?” Maybe there is a way you can help them, or maybe you just leave it to another call or time.

I called one gal, who we formally haven’t met in person, however I have known about her for a long time..after a uncomfortable call, because she was waiting for the sales pitch. Later, she did return my call to apologize and said to me, you must of thought I was the all time Bitch.” I actually didn’t think that, I just thought she must be having a really bad day. When I responded that there wasn’t a sales pitch…she was I think more uncomfortable without an automatic response to me.  As she was ready for her reply to me.

Unless you can meet face to face, on the phone or in a conference call is about the only way. I have met many people on line and then at some point of time, met them in person. It feels like I’ve known them for a while.

Of course, not everyone is on Skype so you can do a face to face with them. Now there are other ways to do a face to face meetings and that is using Video’s.

There is a saying, “Everyone is a friend when you meet them.” (this isn’t exactly the phrase). You need to consider that everyone is a valued person, a connection or a customer and focus on what they want. Once you have taken the time to acknowledge them, you are courteous, show them respect, give them the attention that they want and deserve, then you will have their appreciation and trust.

Out of my ramblings, about social media being unsocial is that we have gotten so used to the fact that we truly don’t take the time to call each other, except through e-mail, or FaceBook, or LinkedIn messages, or other forms of text messages.

My takeaway, is that I wished I had started with the calls earlier. What was I waiting for? Even when I was doing sales calls, I would call up a friend, we would both chat and then we both were off to a great start for the day.

What are you waiting for? Stand out from the crowd and reach out and touch someone. It’s sung by Diana Ross.

It’s a great song that fits perfectly in this post. Enjoy!


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