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It’s happening again!

It’s happening again! the Kindness Matters Conference, got a great line up of speakers ready to go, resources for you to help you to get kindness in action.

Of course we’ll be adding a couple more speakers.. just confirming the last few.

This time it will be a 3 day event, just with 12 speakers rather than 22. My goal is to do them 3 times a year. Come join us Nov 11-13th. All the details are on kindness@work

Cherryl Galezewski one of the presenters/speakers from the July conference is taking up the challenge to collect resources, free or paid to go into the tool box, to help people get their kind act together. If you have something that you would like to contribute for it, please reach out to her. cherryl at or drop in to her website:

In one of my most recent Podcasts I interviewed Dr. G. David Smith who is a co-author of the book “How men can be better allies for women at work.”

It was a very interesting conversation, I hope you will enjoy the call.

Dr. David G. Smith is a professor of sociology  in the National Security Affairs department at the U.S. Naval War College. As a sociologist trained in military sociology and social psychology, he focuses his research on gender, work, and family issues. He is the coauthor of Athena Rising: “How and Why Men Should Mentor Women.” 

Everything is popping up Kindness, join us in getting it on the Ballot. We could use some of this now. Right?

I am very excited about this event and I invite you to join us.. if you have any questions just drop a line via email or leave a comment.


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