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It’s ok to ask for help

It’s ok to ask for help – Did you know that 57% of employees would be more loyal and productive if their employers proactively supported mental health?

Welcome to our services, where we are helping you to create a well-ness program to:

* lower your health care costs, 

* lower absenteeism 

* promote long term health care 

* reduce stress

Our focus is providing a variety of programs for organizations with 25 or less employees, solo entrepreneurs are also invited to work with us.

The next pandemic we are dealing with is stress, anxiety and depression. Some case suicidal tendencies, brought on by any number of factors. 

Our Health is Our Wealth

You are only responsible for yourself by being an advocate. There are several ways to be kinder to yourself, more on this later..

However, if you have employees or people who work for you it is in your highest and best interest to support them.

I know we can’t make anyone do anything, we can do our best. Discover where you are now by doing this short survey.


10 Common warning signs of a mental health conditions.

Here are some reasons why to have a wellness program* A survey to find out how stressed you could be* What signs to look out for in other people

A wellness program can help control escalating employee health care costs, increase employee productivity, improve employee job satisfaction, lower absenteeism, promote a sense of  community, and improve health behaviors and long-term health success.

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