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Lead Generation Triggers

Lead Generation Triggers, for most of us are very important. After all isn’t this what we think social media is supposed to help us with?

A recent survey was completed by Clash-Media out of the UK who wrote a report of the things that we expect to happen and what we are going to do about it. Did you know that 88% of companies think this is going to become more important to have online lead generation, basically because of the reduction of advertising and marketing budgets.

Here’s some ideas in how you can generate more leads online:

✓ Using the press advertising in newspapers and on line magazines. Take for example Scrappy Women offers advertising on their blog for women, or you can write a post. the magazine YES, seeks subscriptions and donations to support their magazine.
✓ Most newspapers have now switched to be subscription based, yet they still charge for their advertising.
✓ SEO optimization – key words and using word tracker or another service provider like this
✓ E-mail marketing – even when some experts think it is declining – I don’t think it is, one can either subscribe to your RSS feeds or to your content rich e-zine. It’s a great way to build your list/s.
✓ PCC – paid search – is this still around? It is, in fact I did ads on Facebook. I think it would be been better to do a different ad than I did – if anything it will announce your product or service.
✓ Affiliate Marketing – I believe if it is done right, then it is well worth it. What is done right? You can take a look how Kristin & David Morelli did it to build their business and then there are other options of upsales and downsales (my vote for this is out on this way) However, a lot of people do make money with this format. I guess for me, as long as it is not too salesy.
✓ Twitter, Facebook and other social media marketing tools
✓ Content rich Blogs and articles
✓ Hiring a specialists that can help you devise a plan
✓ Viral Marketing

What are the top methods used for lead generation triggers?
✓ SEO or organic searches
✓ E-mail Marketing
✓ Paid Search (this surprises me)
✓ Social Media Marketing tools

Whatever method you decide to use, you’ll find that a multiple ways will give you the best option to get leads. You will also want to convert them into sales. The one thing that still gets me about what people think what social media is about is that oh, what leads will it give me? The Answer is NONE.

Social media, means “social” what are you going to give to people 1st, be friends with, have fans, meaning people who will follow you 1st, then if they like what you say and do for them will they hire or buy from you. The Like & Trust rules still apply.

It’s not a matter of how much time you have to put in social media, but how much time are you willing to spread out over time. If you don’t have time now to do any marketing, you likely don’t have very many successes in sales either. By the way, social media is not a fad it’s not going anywhere – you will perhaps – it won’t.

If you want sales, you still need to do your marketing. One follows the other. Be engaging on social media to generate more leads for us.

Get started in getting on-line leads, do one step at a time, this way, you won’t feel so overwhelmed.

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