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What can we learn from Leadership Tools? We all struggle in finding the best way to learn from each other and then to assess how we can best support people.

Whether they are our employees or even customers that we want to serve.

Daniel Goleman first brought ‘emotional intelligence’ to a wide audience with his 1995 book of that name. He found that while the qualities traditionally associated with leadership such as intelligence, toughness, determination and vision are required for success, they are insufficient. Truly effective leaders are also distinguished by a high degree of emotional intelligence. He believed there were 5 important aspects to emotional intelligence.

Self-Awareness -The ability to recognize what you are feeling, to understand your habitual emotional responses to events and to recognize how your emotions affect your behavior and performance.

Managing emotions – The ability to stay focused and think clearly even when experiencing powerful emotions.

Motivating oneself – The ability to use your deepest emotions to move and guide you towards your goals. 

Empathy – The ability to sense, understand and respond to what other people are feeling. Self-awareness is essential to having empathy with others.

Social Skills – Being able to handle emotions in relationships and being able to influence and inspire others are essential foundation skills for successful teamwork and leadership.

Being a part of the #SocialMeToo movement that started by a couple of guys on LinkedIn, found they were being propositioned on LinkedIn. I was surprised that men were also experiencing the same issue. With more education and awareness, perhaps it will tame down or be gone.

There have been several things that have come out of this so far.. it’s gotten a little quieter on LinkedIn.. it’s still picking up on Instagram, Facebook etc. What is sad, none of these platforms want to do anything about the harassment that is happening on their sites.

There are two emotional intelligence skills that are lacking, that people feel it’s ok to harass someone. Empathy and Social skills. Some other things have also come out this #SocialMeToo is people are training people to be like this, where are the parents or leaders in our communities that are teaching our children? Deeper issues of trafficking and pornography are surfacing as well. Come join us!

It may look like this is off my topic, here’s where it all ties into together.. it’s all about Leadership tools, how can we learn and practice what we learn in a positive way that doesn’t affect our own mental health. 

There are people who are sensitive it’s just not that easy to brush it off. For some of us we can help others to make sure we show that we are willing to support those that need extra help.

Our core values will help us to develop our leadership abilities – what do we stand for? What are we willing to do or say that is against our stand or core value. We all have them. What are we sharing? You can explore the #SocialMeToo movement.. you can start to be aware of what is going on around you – what do you say NO to? Ask yourself Why?

Another tool you can use to figure out who you are is called the Ennegram.. a friend of mine has survey you can do take to discover yourself more.

Leadership tools can also be found by listening to the various speakers on “Creating an Impactful Legacy.” And of course there are many other programs that help you to become a better leader.. you have to pick the best program for you.

The Dale Carnegie course was the first one that I did, as I would have rathered, spoke to the sidewalk, rather than to someone face to face. The Context Excellence Series is now, defunct.. it was a great series.. in time you’ll find many coaches, trainers and people who can help you become a better leader.

To wind up

  • I wrote about emotional intelligence EQ,
  • About #socialmetoo movement that started on LinkedIn and now it’s moving across to Facebook, Instagram and other social media platform.
  • How you can become a better leader, by investing in yourself  
  • Stand up for each other

Enjoy! Leadership Tools.. Get the free tools for your Mental Health, it’s a self-assessment survey and a directory of who you  can contact for support.  If everyone did the self-assessment, then you’ll know how to support the people you care about.


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