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Letting Go, 2021

Letting go, 2021, it’s a great time to start forgiving the people in your life who have or may have harmed or hurt you. It’s a great time to release your hurts too.

The new year is coming around the corner soon, it’s a great time to forgive or ask to be forgiven.

The part of forgiving is making a list of people that you want to forgive whether you want to tell them by phone or mailing a letter will be helpful. For the people that are no longer here, you can write them a letter and then burn it. Some people may say, that you don’t have to send letters burn them instead. If I am upset with people, I will usually meet them for coffee and share why and forgive them. Or perhaps they don’t even know why you felt hurt.

Here’s a video I created about Forgiving.. I help it helps you.

Forgiveness is for you

I had a situation which the friend and I met for coffee & a bite to eat.. I just expressed how I felt hurt when she did… blah blah. Her response was she had no idea that I felt that way and that I was hurt by it. It felt better and I just forgave her whether she knew or not. It cleared the air for a better relationship.

For those people who are no longer with us, it’s a great time to forgive, bless them and let them go. A letter can be written, if it would help you feel better. They will know that you took the time to write a letter, then just burn it. Forgiveness is such a healing process.

I have another tool I use when people say something hurtful or i just feel jared by what they say or I don’t want them to keep have free rent in my mind. I put them energetically in a bubble and release them down to Mother earth or up into the clouds. It really helps me not to think of them.

On the Psychological level, forgiveness is different from simple condoning (viewing an action as harmful, yet to be “forgiven” or overlooked for certain reasons of “charity”), excusing or pardoning (merely releasing the offender from responsibility for an action), or forgetting (attempting to somehow remove from one’s conscious mind, the memory of a given “offense”). In some schools of thought, it involves a personal and “voluntary” effort at the self-transformation of one’s own half of a relationship with another, such that one’s own self is restored to peace and ideally to what psychologist Carl Rogers has referred to as “unconditional positive regard” towards the other.”

As we move forward into 2022, I hope Letting go, 2021 you will consider forgiving those who have hurt you. And ask for forgiveness from the people you may have hurt. This process will certainly help you start fresh. It will make a difference for you your family and friends.

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The image is made by Brett Johnson.

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