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Limitless Potential of Possibilities

Limitless potential of possibilities shows every human, they have the opportunity to become the very best of themselves, when displacement is shifted. 

Mila DeChant has spent over 15 years in researching, development, and learning the evolving culture of people and organizational behaviour around the world.

After experiencing a toxic environment that pushed her to contemplate suicide, she recreated her narrative by building her culture science company that focuses on humanizing the work environment to increase ROIs with organizations – Return on individualism, impact, inspiration, innovation and initiative. Read more about Mila. 

Hass Sadeghi shows how the Power of Gratitude can bring healing to you, by teaching you a powerful technique to attune one’s BioField into harmony and healing. 

Hass guides leaders, visionaries and teams thru transformations, showing them how to reconnect with their full Power & create from a clarified Vision. Watch Hass Sadeghi on the Podcast show of Impactful Legacy.

Hass will also be presenting at the Kindness Matters Conference. Looking forward to his talk.

Matt Schlegel is a Consultant with Schlegel Consulting, who works with you to build rapport with your teammates is a key ingredient to team effectiveness. 

The Enneagram is a tool that takes your mirroring techniques to the next level, helping you understand the underlying motivations of your teammates and reflecting back so that you communicate in the most meaningful way. Want to know more about your personality number? Take the survey.

Matt will be presenting at the Kindness Matters Conference , watch his interview at the Podcast show

Christopher Salem CEO – CRS Group Holdings LLC mentors and consults with entrepreneurs, leaders, sales professionals, companies to build and protect their brand.

Chris is also an accomplished business & emotional intelligence strategist, corporate trainer, world-class speaker, award-winning author®, certified mindset expert, radio show host & media personality, and wellness advocate. Watch his interview on the Podcast show.

Looking forward in Chris presenting in the Kindness Matters well.

The idea of presenting professionals at the Kindness Matters Conference is just about speaking to people who are ready to change what they are doing into something better. It’s a great time to pivot by working on yourself, change what’s not working in your organization, finding better ways to be.

Being a Happiness Coach allows me to work with people who are ready to make a shift, who are having mental challenges, or know there’s something going on, just may not know what it is or how to resolve it. I believe that we should always consider in asking for help. I know personally I suffered from depression when I was in my 30’s, I went through a couple of people before I found someone I could relate too. I wanted someone more holistic, wasn’t a pill prescriber. What I learned, was that my mother was toxic, too needy and I was always trying to please her. Thus, I became de-pressed. Depressed anger.

I hope that you will find the perfect person that resonates with you, that you can say to yourself I want to learn more about the speakers that speak to me, who do I want to hire and work with? It’s all about asking for help during our challenging times.

Love is all you need, it starts with ourselves. This is why Kindness Matters..


P.S. You’ll be able to listen to the Kindness Matters Conference shortly via through my podcast called Impactful Legacy. If you enjoyed this article go check out Kindness@Work

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