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LinkedIn: Getting Social

Even though LinkedIn doesn’t consider themselves as a Social Network, getting social on LinkedIn is a great place to connect and network.

If you aren’t on it, get going. It’s FREE to use however it does cost you some of your marketing time.

Your profile needs to be completely filled out, there is a book called “Linkedin Profile.” written by two Linkedin trainers, Lori Ruff and Mike O’Neil. I would highly recommend getting it to learn how to do it. Your profile is the foundation in any social networking you are involved in.

Upload a photo of yourself – VERY IMPORTANT! Why?

  • It builds instant rapport with people
  • It’s about relationships – people want to get to know you and do business with you, NOT your logo or a comic
  • It’s just good business
  • If you don’t why should people take you seriously

Some of the excuses that I have been told are:

I don’t want anyone to attack me,” then watch what you say and behave.
I don’t want anyone to know who I am?” Well, I guess you don’t want relationships or business

Join a few groups that are of interest to you, maybe where your clients hang out or a place to make new friends and connections. You are allowed to join 50 groups.

Be a lurker at 1st, just get a feel for the group, read the group rules or guidelines. This is not a place to be a devils advocate. The secret is a group with rules will give you a more enjoyable experience and you’ll learn a lot more.

Yes some people will post annoying content, those people who persist in doing so won’t be long in the group.

Explore and put time into developing relationships with people, be their friend or helpful, share. If you think you don’t have anything to share, you are wrong. Share your experiences, your insights, ask for help by asking questions.

Quality or Quantity
This is an ongoing question that is quite debated over. Here’s my thoughts at the beginning, numbers were important it creates a wider net of connections, so when I needed help someone would reply. Now that I have been on LinkedIn, I am changing my mind. Why?

After I have accepted an invitation, I send them a Thank you message. For three years I sent out a LinkedIn Digest to all my guy was upset that I set it to him..1st of all sir, if you don’t want to hear from me, then I don’t want you in my network. Having a quantity network personally has not served me. I would say 50% of my connections aren’t interested in knowing who I am, much less hearing from me, it’s a sad state of affairs. Some people say quantity is better because more people can help you. I haven’t seen this analogy work for me yet!

This is something you need to figure out for yourself. While deciding, you will get lots of invitations. I do have qualifiers before accepting them, do they have a picture? Is their profile filled out? What country are they from, do I want to build there? Are they someone I would like to know more?

I hope this helps you to get started with Linkedin..I personally LOVE it!

Happy Networking! Connect with me

If you are wanting to develop your social circle using LinkedIn, then check out what a social circle is really about. It’s creating your own tribe or people who you collaborate with. I came up with social circles, as it’s a great way to have your own mentors, collaborators – a tribe of people that you have each others back.

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