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Living and Dying Well Discussion

Living and Dying well discussion.  Introducing you to the people who joined myself and Jonathan MacDonald to talk about how to  live and die well.

The series of video clips will be posted in the coming weeks.

The idea was to have an open discussion with people who  feel it’s important to not leave a mess or as another friend said, leaving your loved ones a gift that you didn’t have experience a negative memory of the person who has passed on. Give the gift.

We hear about celebrities who die and don’t have a will and all the chaos that it causes family and friends to fight over.


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I used to do one many years ago about marketing tips. (this was when I was coaching startups). People said, “they really appreciated getting and missed it when they didn’t get it.”

The work that I do takes time and some people just don’t see the benefit of it, unless they have experienced cleaning up a mess or have heard of people dealing with a mess.

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What would you tell your 18 year old self?

The people who joined us were:

Jonathan MacDonald

Edie Fehling

Maria Pienaar

Henry Kimbrough

Ngoc Le

and of course me too!

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