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Living Well mini class is launching Sunday, May 1, you will have the opportunity to get started on completing five (5) tips together in a group.

We all may have some loose ends and some of us have many.. Let’s get started together in tying them up. So many of my girlfriends have said, I know I need to do them I just can’t seem to get them done. 

Everyday for 5 days you will get an email from me to let you know what forms or things you need to do. We can convene in the Lives’ Transformation group on FB.

Interested? Register on Eventbrite for your place in the class.

The fee will be at the end pay what you want and give me a video testimonial. Get the 12 tips to prevent a mess.. grab it in the shopping cart, like I said pay for what you want for the mini class and you also so the ebook.  

Thursday ,April 28, 2022  The other thing that is happening is the film “The Baby Boomer Dilemma” It’s free get your tickets on Eventbrite.  It’s about the story we have been sold about retiring and of course we are living longer are we prepared to retire?

As I write and think about what people say about dying, they are scared, have high anxiety, fearful of the unknown.. these are great conversations to have with your family and friends. What I have seen is that when your are prepared then your ending becomes more peaceful.

Forgiving isn’t just a one time thing it’s an ongoing heart release especially when it comes to near the end or our lives. In some schools of thought, it involves a personal and “voluntary” effort at the self-transformation of one’s own half of a relationship with another, such that one’s own self is restored to peace and ideally to what psychologist Carl Rogers has referred to as “unconditional positive regard

Thinking about working with me? The types of clients that are attracted to me are the one who get “that people are dying with loose ends. 

1. Someone who is thinking ahead to work with a guide so they don’t leave their loved ones in a mess, 

2. Or are people who are left with a mess and need help to untangle the mess.

3. Someone who knows someone 

Each client is going to be different, its a personalized service to their situation to help  facilitate tying up the loose ends or a mess if the loose ends were not tied up.

Yes, you can reach me by booking an appointment. I do offer free consultations.

Living well will continuing to do the five day mini classes as well as seeking out places to do retreats, which will include bringing in our speakers into the mix. I think you’ll agree that getting together again would be beneficial for our well-being and supporting each other.

If you have some suggestions of where or if you would be interested in being a host, please reach out to me.

Please join me for the showing the film and the living well mini class.

Until next week chat with you soon!

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