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Love to Blog – Just don’t have the time?

Love to Blog, except ”I don’t have the time to blog!” If you are a solo-entrepreneur there are many things “we” need to look after, however writing your blog takes priority.


A blog is a fantastic marketing opportunity to showcase your knowledge, demonstrate your expertise and who you are. Blogs are much more than a brochure, it’s where you can share what you do, what your company does and you can make it very interactive. And it’s an inexpensive cash expense.

It’s not something in my view point for you to hand it over to someone else to do for you. There are likely little jobs that you do, you can give to someone else, to give you more time for writing your blog.

# What other collaborators or partnerships can you create to help you with your blogging
# What about doing a group blog
# Joining other people that you can come together a have one blog together
# Join a Blog Challenge – it will help you to get into the space, then it’s fun!

Yes, I know it takes time to write and post on blogs, I usually have three blogs of which I write articles for on an ongoing basis. Sometimes like today – I get a writers block, so be sure that you can sit down quietly even before your day starts, or at the end of the day – you know your rhythm, just put it on the calendar and do it.

According to the Social Media Examiner 2013 Marketers/Business Owners 62% want to learn more about blogging while an additional 68% of marketers/Business Owners are increasing their efforts.

Why would you have a Blog, what are your benefits?
#1. Increased Exposure
#2. Traffic – (I will say you want engaged traffic, not just any kind)
#3. Loyal Fans
#4. Partnerships
#5. Generate Leads
#6 Higher search rankings

Of course, Blogging is just one of the main tools for Social Media Marketing. Blogging will remain strong, in marketing efforts. It seems to be more for B2B businesses. Marketer’s say more and more people will be increasing this as a tactic.

There are several ways that you can blog..writing, podcasting, video blogs, guest bloggers there are multiple ways to create content. If you still don’t have the time, maybe it’s just not for you right now. If you would like to get some help with your blog or develop a Social Media Strategy.. give me a call. t: 408-624-9226. Today!

I hope I have given you a few more good reason why you need to find the time to Blog..Your business depends upon it.


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