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Making Wishes

Making wishes requires us to think about the things we want rather than what we don’t want. The positive aspects of life, why don’t we make our affairs known?

Like planning your holidays, when you want to work, what you want to have happen, like writing a best seller, when you want to be married, or have children or just wish to have the best business.

Say you have made all your wishes known, however they just aren’t just haven’t written anything down then what? What happens if your life is cut short before all your wishes have come to be?

Say, you get sick with Covid, no one wishes you to be really, really sick, we expect you to get well.. what happens when you don’t write your affairs down?

Say, you have making wishes to write in a book of affairs you don’t do you ask for help?

Unconsciously you will create a mess, I decided from my experience of being an unexpected executor, to put together a summit to talk about options and what to consider and options that are available to you.

Just go to the page under Events to sign up for free. Still lining up speakers for the event.. I am sure you can let me know what other information you would like to know.

Join me for the Wishes Club Class on Monday, June 21 2021, where I will go through some things that you need to think about as you are writing out your wishes for your will, health directives and the like. I have a special, if you join the Summit the Wish Club is only $59. Included in this Club price is a one on one coaching call.

Usually making wishes are an expression of a desire for someone’s success or good fortune: they had received kindness and good wishes from total strangers. Wishes seem magical, they are however it’s better to plan for this magical experience than wait, want, desire, require something to happen on your behalf.

In closing, I invite you to join us on June 15, 2021..bring a friend…


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