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Marketing: Finding Your Niche

Marketing: Finding your Niche is about defining who your customers are. If you don’t know you are wasting your time.

Here’s a case study:

“One of the girls I was mentoring was looking for a job..we’ll call her Wendy for this case study. The sound of her voice dropped when she talked about getting a job.

She just lost her full-time job and needed to do something quickly. I suggested that she get a blog going, start selling your skills and talents. tell people what you can do for them.. She loved doing events.

Write, post her journey as an event planner, consider in being a VA for a while with her skill set, she has become “The Action Girl.

After starting her blog, she had four calls inquiring about her offerings. (Not to say this will happen instantly for you) It does work. Continue to write about how you have been able to help people at your workplace, or past clients etc.

In the meantime, I have invited her out networking and she followed up on every lead… As an update, she has a client who has hired her on a project basis.. Wendy is still talking to new prospects. She is doing work that she enjoys, writes and is making money.”

Where do you begin to narrow down your niche?
Sometimes it just takes time, and then you need to deal with the fear of “Am I going too narrow?” In my experience I wished I had narrowed down my niche, it would of been easier. If you are wondering how this fits in your social media marketing? I

Your customer profile is more important 1st and then comes your strategy.. not the other way around.

I will tell you, that without an audience or niche to market you will be doing, what I call a shotgun approach, especially in Social Media Marketing. Don’t start in doing social media 1st.

Trying to market or promote in several groups you will feel like you are wasting your time. (I hear this quite often). If you don’t know what you are good at, or what service or product you want to sell start to take inventory of your skills and start writing them down.

What problems have you fixed? Who seems to have this problem? What case studies can you write about or know how you have helped them. It’s about the results.

Here’s some situations that may help you think about who they will be for you:
▪ Poor sales
▪ Ineffective marketing
▪ Don’t know how to write copy or Press releases
▪ Don’t know how to deliver their message
▪ Your clients don’t have a system or process to do things
▪ Poor products or customer service
▪ High turnover or under performance with their employees or business
▪ Lack of teamwork
▪ Procrastination and Overwhelmed
▪ Poor cash flow
▪ Poor communication skills, negative traits

If you haven’t noticed it’s not easy for others this is why they’ll seek you out and pay you for it!

Who do you want to help?

Be aware in how you are feeling, does your face light up, do you get excited or does your stomach sink?

  • Think about who is in your world you would like to serve and work with?
  • Who needs my help the most, who is not being served?
  • What do these people have in common?
  • Who do you “resonate” with?

Look at their occupation, age, interests, family status, professional status. Try combining a couple of these and see who you come up with. “middle aged surfers” “2nd life Boomers.”

  • What problems do you want to solve?
  • Has something happened in your life experiences that you can help others with?
  • Is there something you can add to your current product or services – something value-added?
  • What work or life or business problems have you solved so far?
  • What can you offer now?
  • What group of people can you see now that would be willing to pay you?

We each have our own voice, there is lots of customers for all of us because not everyone is going to be attracted to one or two people. Each of us has our own vibration and energy level that will attract people who want to work with us.

Listen to my goof friend Chris Salem, who talks about the same thing, it’s the foundation of your business.

Remember, you can be, do whatever you want to be. Think BIG.

I am very fortunate that I LOVE helps me to do my passion, of helping people – being the messenger. Now I am using marketing  to promote myself for other services… helping other people to have a transformation in WHO they are and the results they get.

Do you have a strategy yet? If you don’t I can help you to get focused in the right direction.

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