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May your festive holidays be merry season

May your festive holidays be a merry season into 2020 This will be the last post for this year. We welcome a new century, there has been much to be grateful for

I’ve appreciated all those who have followed me along some for many years and some for a short time. I appreciate each and everyone of you! Thank you!

The past three years, I’ve been focused on growing Sedona Pies, I’ve said good-bye to the business. A food business is fun & happy place to be, however, the food costs and lack of profit – I decided to close or pause it for now.

I have been encouraged by other people I network with, to promote Kindness in business. Of which is how Heart@Work got started, offering training, workshops and the like, in 2001.

To get it started, (2019) I have created a Podcast show called: “Creating an impactful legacy.” I felt it was just a way to promote other people who are now in the space, to help Business owners, Leaders, CEO’s and those who are responsible for the workplace culture. Offer them assistance, resources and people they can call for help.

I’ve been thinking about how to re-launch Kindness in our lives. Since each and everyone of us are responsible for how we show up at work or in life, I’m going to focus on individuals. “Your happiness is my business.”

I’ll be posting live events, (yeah occasionally webinars) about different subjects that are related. I feel that most of us are wanting better connections and hug to hug experiences.

There was a guy in his 60’s, posted on LinkedIn, who said, he doesn’t have any friends. Sure he has his workmates, has a successful career – not really anyone that he could reach out for lunch or dinner or hang out with. He was just speaking as a guy, and I am thinking, I feel like I am in the same boat.

Why, would I say this?

When you have your own business – yes I have lots of connections, know a lot of people, how many of them can I invite out or invite myself over? Less than a handful.

For Christmas Day I offered to host a orphans dinner, I am one has said, “I’ll come.” I have to ask, I am I that disconnected? How many other people feel left out? If you are interested in hanging out for a bit of cheer, just reach out to me. 510-320-8332.

Love to hear some ideas of what makes you happy.. there’s a time for self-reflection and a time to reach out, a time just to be kind to move humanity forward for the betterment of all. Join the Happiness Club

Another guy reached out to me, he works with the Federal government and does contract work. Told me, there is a suicide on a daily basis. People just feel so lonely, or helpless. Kindness can lead the way.. we just need to use it.

In closing, here’s someone’s suggestion about visiting Kindness, someone posted on LinkedIn.

Visit Kindness

Until the new year of 2020, May your festive holidays be a merry season, share your kindness. It’s always the little things in life that make a big difference.

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