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Online marketing isn’t for the faint of heart

Online marketing isn’t for the faint of heart it goes from a puzzle to an action plan. It’s a simple list of tasks to do until new habits are formed.

The goal :
· To notice the best in people and give recognition.
· Give a hand to someone in need.
· Listen to what people are saying about your specialty, brand, product or service.
· Make an invitation to try or learn more about what you might have.

When turning the online marketing into simple tasks, there is less hesitation and more action. Patterns become apparent and feedback will be a guide.

Setting up a task list removes the wonder and doubt. A simple plan can evolve as your awareness grows.

· “Like” 5 posts a day on Facebook.
· Comment on 5 posts a day. (To show appreciation or helpful links)
· Join 1 group or “like” one business a day.
· Invite 5 people a day to become “Facebook fiends” (This is based on mutual interests or groups.)
· Listen

· “Like” 5 posts a day
· Comment in 5 group discussions a day. (To give a helping hand or give recognition.)
· Answer one question a day. (Possibly be voted an expert.)
· Give random recommendations. (one a quarter)
· Listen

· Retweet 5 tweets a day
· Follow 10 people a day (based on common interests)
· Follow back those who are of interest.
· Share 5 amazing and unique links or references a day.
· Listen

Blog, ezine articles or Medium
· Write 2 articles a week.
· Invite 2 people a week to connect.
· Attend 1 event per month. (Follow up with each person you meet.)
· Give 2 compliments per month
· Listen

Increase the numbers or decrease them according to your schedule and comfort level.

In all cases, it is about meeting new people listening intently and having meaningful and relevant conversations. How each conversation grows into a win-win depends entirely on the participants.

The amount of time to do these tasks can be from 15 minutes to 30 minutes a day. This time can be spread through the day 3 minutes at a time.

If the entrepreneur can use the social media to make an introduction and then an invitation over an over, the next step becomes a more involved conversation.

This is where may will make an error as the conversation which started by using the social media tools continues on social media. Relationships can evolve beyond the tweet, post, or like. At some point proof is helpful to a relationship and will come in the form of sacrifice or commitment beyond the tweet, like or quick comment.

If you could judge your true friends by the click of a mouse, how would the definition of “friend” change?

· Make a list of the tasks.
· Follow the list daily on a consistent basis.
· Meet new people.
· Start the conversation.
· Be of real help
· Recognize the awesomeness
· Do not substitute conversations with clicks of the mouse. Real relationship require more.
· Stick to 30 minutes a day for social media marketing.

This is not all there is to online marketing and for many social media marketing has become a centerpiece of their day. What is the biggest barrier to achieving the 30 minute a day social media marketing plan? Skill? Will? Or Tools?

Written by Michael Hartzell – Inbound Marketing Certified Professional, entrepreneur, writer, speaker, coach. Member of the American Marketing Association. Read more at Who is Michael.

I’ve always enjoyed working with Michael, I recently spoke to him (2020) he said he’s so busy that you can’t take on anything else. I was hoping he would be on my Podcast. If you want to hear the other people of whom I have had conversations with.

If you have any thing you would like to add to his suggestions just reach out.

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