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People Dying with Loose Ends

People Dying with Loose Ends, is my intro of my services.. it’s really simple. A video to explain more about where I start with a client or patient and why.

Schedule an appointment and see how we can work together.

The notes I made about this topic and the feedback have gotten has been very positive..however there are some people who will say I’ll let God decide when I am going or I’m not going to die..

We all are so why not make it a good death?

How I  defined my message is , I took Mitchells Credibility 5 day Challenge, where we had homework to do each day and learn ways in how to create more credibility for ourselves. I knew what I want to offer I just didn’t know how to message it so, I could get more people to say  “tell me more.” (he’ll be doing another one in June). Join the group

Lucas Root said “I’ll bet the people who work with you have an enormous sense of relief once you’ve helped them.

Valerie Hail “This is a valuable service. Especially when it comes to whom will take your pets in case you leave this planet before they do. My “ ducks” are all in a row because I used to travel so much. Even now on the back of my kitchen cabinet all the pertinent contacts are there for my friends to contact . #1 is who will adopt my beasts!  Timely service.”

In order to help the people I work with, I also have a resource bank, these are people that I trust and they offer services beyond what I can do for you. Check them out.. I’m adding to it as I go along.

Many times I am also suggesting that people need to get Hospice care,  people get into their services too late. To get access their services you just need a referral from their doctor. Hospice doesn’t mean only if you are dying. You could use their services, if you have cancer or have some sort of surgery and need temp hospice services. Many people do go on and leave hospice as well.

Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you do something about it now.  by Alan Lakein

If you want to learn more about how we can work together.. schedule an appointment with me.

Love to get  your feedback about the video or services that I am offering..

What other loose ends to consider:

  • Forgiveness work or unresolved issues
  • Best interventions
  • Writing the eulogy & obituary
  • End of life Vigil
  • Pre-care planning
  • Legacy work
  • Referrals & resources
  • and many other really important paperwork

Patricia B: says I believe legacy is more than financial. How we act and what we pass down shapes our legacy. Leaving a personal legacy includes heirlooms/assets, along with family history, how we live life, our relationships, doing good, inspiring others, stewarding responsibilities to the next generation.

Take care and know what in order to have peaceful end of life, all your paperwork, experiences is important to pass along

What will your legacy be, don’t leave your family or friends be one of these:  “People Dying with Loose Ends.” and I guess I wrote another article with a similar title do you have loose ends?












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