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Personal Branding: How to set yourself apart

Personal Branding: How to set yourself apart. You have to think of yourself as an influencer if you want people, to buy from you. It’s about being engaged.

Most high end influencers got their name from putting out content on a consistent basis. If you ask any of them they are going to say they just did their 3 CCC’s. Which is Contributing on a Consistent basis with Content. As the more consistent they were more people dropped by or listened to their message/s and shared them.

This is where an editorial calendar will help you.

Where do you get your content from?

1. Questions people ask you, or on forums

2. Take an article and break down each point and write about that point.

3. Do videos about the topic, ask people to subscribe & share. Make it easy for them to share. Have sharing buttons on your blog posts.

4. Instead of getting into promoting you, start sharing content/images of the messages you are about. 

For us to be successful at marketing ourselves we need to shift our own mindset first.  

We can’t say “I’m the best marketing guru on personal brands you will find, blah blah, ” (self-promotion).  This starts to feel inauthentic.   As an alternative, we can say “I’m passionate about helping leaders create and market their personal brands.” 

Make up a couple of sentences and use them share with other people.  What do you do that helps other people?

Create a short 30 second commercial about what you like doing to help others. It’s really about being in service. Example: “I am passionate about finding the hidden potential in people” or “Work with businesses who challenge themselves to deliver ____“

Check out this site to create your own brand statement.

Engage on posts, when someone posts, anyone can hit “Like,” the really engaged person is someone who will leave a comment, an opinion or a word of encouragement. People will begin to see your expertise/knowledge. Ask for their feedback. There are many opportunities to get involved. LinkedIn, Youtube, Alignable, your own groups that you are involved with. Lurkers are no-bodies – they don’t add any value,  they just really hurt themselves by not participating.

Get your customers involved, you want them to understand your message and be advocates for it. Think of them as your social media fans and followers. 

Talk with your audience about your projects, goals things you want to do. Repeat your message consistently This means that each of our stakeholders needs to hear our message multiple times.  The more clear and consistent we are, the better we will be remembered .

Can you introduce yourself and tell me about your business, and who your ideal customer is?

Here’s one of mine “My clients see huge impact when they create more opportunities for employee engagement within their company.” 

Clients are: Suite C to Small businesses.

Personal branding is about you becoming an influencer within your field of business. Once you become known, more people will want to buy from you. You are building your credibility.

Personal branding building your trust factor.

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