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Promoting Oneself

Promoting oneself! Some people just don’t do it, it’s either they don’t want to brag or be selfish yet if we don’t who’s going to do it? This is me.

For me, it’s easier just to help someone else get the word out about other people or help them with whatever they need help with. Bragging for me, is… I was just taught along the way that it’s bad or it will make me look like I’m selfish. Do you feel this way?

I’m learning it’s a good thing to brag about myself, as otherwise who is going to do it for me? Yes, be selfish.

Yes, I’ve tried forming groups who would be willing to help me promote hasn’t worked. Why? Too many people are stuck on what’s in it for me?

I keep attracting the wrong kind of people. I’ve been flying with the turkeys not the eagles or the ones who are like-minded enough to “Yes, I’m in!I’ll help you!

How can we support each other rather than just the me crowd, or “I” crowd. Did you know that a Leader is always willing to share and promote someone else?

As challenging as this is for me, I am going to break-through this barrier that I have..If you have the same problem you can join me. Here’s the thing, I got my positioning, who I want to serve, created services that people might be interested in..that’s this is where I stop – ?.

In order to break through I need to ask for help, ask for people to share me, about how I can help people and not be afraid if no one is interested or not. As I used to say many years ago, some will, some won’t so what? Just keep going.

During the pandemic we all had to pivot or re think things.. I returned to promoting kindness in business, a bit differently than was I used to do. Would it be viable?

I asked if people if they would like more kindness in their life or business – the responses I got were: Yes, we need it now more than ever! If so, what are you doing about it?

Here’s what happens when you aren’t happy or unkind, you get depressed, frustrated, procrastinate, or you try to focus on too many things and get nothing done. You don’t even want to be around people!!

If you look on my Service pages – I have offered a couple of ways that I can help people with.. 

“I want to work with individuals ready to address and conquer feelings of inadequacy, insecurity, and overwhelm. To help people create their own compelling vision of a happier future.

What I really want promoted is my VIP Membership.. I believe firmly this the most valuable service that I offer that can help the most people. Plus, it’s so much more fun have other people who can cheer you on.

I also have an offer if you sign up for the e-book “The Business of Kindness.” You’ll be able to download the book. (my sister will say, that I am leaving money on the table – as I should sell it) Don’t tell her.

Here’s what I would like you to do..

  1. Send them to the website to get the ebook & newsletter.
  2. Invite them to the Services page and sign up for the VIP Membership.
  3. Invite people to a Hot seat group session. Monday, April 19, 2021 4:00pm – 5:30pm

If there is something else that you think I can do to break through promoting myself or asking people to help me, love to hear some feedback.

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