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Promoting Resilience

Promoting Resilience, is about learning how to overcome the ongoing stress with life’s challenges so it doesn’t become unbearable.

Stress is experienced differently by each person, some can handle more than others and some thrive on it. Eventually some people get burnt out and develop mental health issues.

According to Germain and Gitterman (1996), stress is experienced in an individual’s life course at times of difficult life transitions, involving developmental and social change; traumatic life events, including grief and loss; and environmental pressures, encompassing poverty and community violence.

Resilience is the integrated adaptation of physical, mental and spiritual aspects in a set of “good or bad” circumstances, a coherent sense of self that is able to maintain normative developmental tasks that occur at various stages of life.

It’s important to note that resilience offers a solution to cope better each time you may experience a challenging situation. Without coming out of a stressful situation, you could be damaging your self- confidence, self-esteem and self-concept about you.

What things do you or can you do to help you to become resilient?

  • Take action, create a plan on how you can overcome with what you are dealing with
  • Communicate, get help and delegate
  • Use your problem solving skills
  • Take a deep breath – before you blame or say something you may regret later
  • Build up your self talk “I can handle this.” “Everything is working out for me”
  • Forgiving yourself and people around you that are perhaps causing the extra stress
  • Do some self-care for yourself
  • Maintain a hopeful outlook
  • Develop self-confidence
  • Visualize the outcome you want to have
  • Get some CBT counseling if you need it

I was speaking with a friend of mine the other day, we were talking about resilience, she learned how to get better at it – when a friends said to her “It is what it is.” Then her friend asked Maria, “Can you change it?” If so, change it if you can’t, it is what it is.

She’s the one that gave me the topic for the next Kindness@Work Conference. Wellness, Resilience and Kindness is the theme for July 26-28th, 2021.

How can possibly all or one of these words create a better life for you? Join us and find out!

When someone experiences bullying or other negative behavior towards them, then developing emotional intelligence helps them to build up resilience to handle a wide variety of situations.

Some of my friends used to call me the Ever ready battery, as I always seem to bounce back from minor to major events in my life. I would say, it is not easy – eventually when things happen I’m not so much in a panic.. I know there is an answer or solution nearby.

Promoting resilience, includes emotional, cognitive and mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. It’s a great opportunity to take a look at how we each react or respond to our situations.

I hope this gives you some ideas to think about. If you like this article, check out the services page.


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