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Promotion is Crucial!

Promotion is Crucial! Many say artists and marketing don’t mix! Many artists hate marketing themselves. Not only for sales, but..your events..

Courage To Promote

I totally understand these feelings but let me say that marketing can be tedious but it can also be a very positive experience for artists; it’s a great way to meet like-minded people, sell your wares, network and enjoy events you’re participating in. That being said, let me tell you…it’s also HARD WORK! It does become a 2nd, almost full time job, especially these days with so many forms of social networking that you have to keep up with. But it is worth the effort if your goal is to be an artist to earn a living.

So, try and see it as a way to interact with people/customers/collectors! This really is crucial to do, but in a friendly, non-pushy manner, in order to have any success. Especially in this economy, it’s tough enough to get sales but who wants to buy from someone who is ignoring them, acts disinterested, “sales-y” or demanding? When people show interest in my work I offer them the chance to sign up for my mailing list, my blog, FB pages and if I’m talking to them in person I always give them my business card. I never leave home without them…especially when attending my own or other artists’ events, which is another very important part of marketing that is fun and inspiring as well.

I do as much as I can to promote ANY event I’m involved with…this includes utilizing my e-newsletter, blog, Facebook pages, LinkedIn, etc. I usually send out Facebook invites which has been pretty successful and is easy to do…and free! You can’t expect people to show up if they don’t know what you’re doing! And you can’t expect sales if no one can easily see your work. With all the free & inexpensive advertising opportunities out there in this computerized world it really is easier than ever to market yourself and do it in a creative way you might even enjoy! Think of it as a design project where you make your materials as visually pleasing as possible, showing off your latest endeavors.

I hope this gives you an idea of all that’s involved with marketing…it’s serious business but can be enjoyable and profitable! Happy Promoting!

Written by Lauren Curtis a Full time Visual Freelance Artist, NJ, USA
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Thank you for sharing your experience Lauren..

Wishing you all a VERY HAPPY 2014 YEAR!

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