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Ready to make a Business Shift?

A business shift is when you decide that whatever is going or not moving in the direction you want to go you make a shift.

Business Shifts

We all need help some point in our careers, running our businesses to getting better results in what we want in our own lives. In my own personal life, I have found myself not being selfish with my time. I have had a couple of recent situations where I really needed to get the lesson so I can move on. A good friend of mine said to me, “If it’s not fun don’t do it.” This little statement basically gave me permission to let go of what I was doing for approval of the people I was helping. (yes, I still sometimes need approval of others). She said, we are all our own CEO’s, CFO’s and managers of our own lives and as in business, we have personal shifts to make as well.

When you are ready to make a business shift, you’ll find opportunities open up for you, you’ll discover people who will want to help you grow and expand your business. This is also called being willing to receive. Let the universe / source support you.

• Selling something at a lower price point there is a shift; a lot of high-priced products you simply don’t know how to shift your position; requires a slight change in position, direction, or tendency, to do it how you have always done it, won’t work if you are going in a new direction.

There are many kinds of shifts when you make one, everything all around you changes too. Even though here at Heart@Work, I haven’t really focused on it for the past year or so, it’s time to make a shift. Going to start doing a series of webinars/podcasts about subjects that I hear people still have trouble navigating or understanding in the regards, to marketing and developing relationships in their business.

For those who hate or dislike sales – I am going to talk about getting referrals. With referrals, you still have to create a win/win with people that you are asking for referrals from. If you don’t get the commitment from them, then referrals won’t come your way.

Educational topics. If there is something you would like to know more of, please drop me a line. Check back here when the webinars are going to happen. I would encourage you to use the form on the top right-hand side to join us. When you do, you’ll get a copy of my e-book of Relationship Marketing as a gift to say Thank you.

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