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Relationship Marketing Tools

Relationship marketing tools here are my favorite ones. Relationship marketing is about being of service to your clients and referral partners.

Relationship marketing is about being of service to your clients, referral partners, JV partners, the people you are close to. How do you find these people? You’ll find them on LinkedIn, Twitter, groups, Facebook and by sharing your expertise, more people will come to you and want to get to know you.

My favorite Relationship development tools are:

Using Video’s – sending welcome messages to new people, giving tips that may help them, they are more personal as they can see you and they build instant trust with you. Check out our channel.

Twitter – You can share your expertise, share your blog posts. promote someone else, appreciate and thank people with this tool Follow people that you are connected with and watch what they post. RT them, or comment if they ask a question. @heartatwork

Telephone – Nothing like having a conversation with someone. This will allow you to find out what they are really like and if you would like to stay in touch with them or not. Over the past month I have been calling people I am connected with on Facebook, LinkedIn or even Twitter, just picking up the phone to say hello. Some people are shocked, some are receptive some are annoyed. You need to decide which of these people you really want to get to know more or let them go.

Facebook – My persona profile has become more and more business connections, however it’s an opportunity to get to know those people on a personal level. Plus, if you have a business, it seems to work better for businesses who do B2C better. This has been my experience so far.

LinkedIn – This is a professional network, therefore it’s a great place to meet B2B people on a professional level.

Address Book – Whether you use Outlook, or Mail or another program like GIST or a CRM program, you want to be able to make notes, record their Birthdays, find out what kind of referrals work best for them.

Skype – conference calling, video calling, plus it’s another whole networking platform

Google Alerts – Pick your niche that you want to know more about; about people you know and get an alert for, so when their name comes through you can send them and note to congratulate them. People like to be acknowledged. You don’t need to ask for anything, just give your new friend recognition.

A Newsletter – is a great way for people to get to know your expertise. Not every article or issue may be something you are interested in, however it’s still a great way for you to be of service.

Joining groups – whether you are on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Focus groups, or Mastermind groups or referral groups. You will meet many new people, which will give you an opportunity to develop friendships and other partnerships.

By being proactive and following up, you will soon have a network of people of who you will  be able to assist, share and give, when you do this they will then help you.


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