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Rethinking the Rules of Reciprocity = Why Help People?

Rethinking the rules of reciprocity and why I help people. Always thinking how I can do more of helping people rather than selling them something.

*Why should you help people?

  • The gifts that you give, need to show your appreciation
  • Are not earned by recipient
  • Have no strings attached
  • True gifts make you valuable to people

* from Social Media Examiner

The more you provide great content of how to’s with your marketing messages you will then have growth. Invest more time in conversations with people, in communities where you hang out. Regularly produced content will help you to develop your foundation, which will establish trust, beings people back to read what you’ve written, and your content is available 24 hours a day.

People are looking for what they want or what will help them in the space that they are in. Don’t focus on you, they don’t care about you. I know it’s a shock, they want what they want which is “help”. You can help them get what they want by simply sharing other experts and lift up your successful peers they in return unexpectedly of course will help you.

    • Rather than how can I sell you, it’s how can I help you? Here’s some ideas in how you can help your readers get more benefit from reading your content or following you.
    • Share ideas
    • Share stories
    • Share people information about people, maybe these are people who are in your industry or referral network
    • Build strategic alliances.

All your business growth will come from providing high value content, with little or no marketing messages.

Here’s an Example: HubSpot
They help small businesses generate leads, they started in 2006, have grown to 200+ employees and they has a growth of 350% in 2010 to $20 million, they have generated 25,000 leads monthly.

HubSpot provides high value content – hop on over and learn some fantastic things that will help you.

Some people want to know why I don’t have a splash or squeeze page, in getting people to buy this or that and how come I keep giving “How to’s” this is what I give, to help you, at some point in time if you feel I am someone you could like to contact to get some one on one help you’ll call me.

As my hubby says, “If my readers like me, they’ll call me. If they don’t, they won’t.”  Each of us have an opportunity to share our gifts, our talents and our knowledge. It really depends on what your philosophy is about giving and what reciprocity means to you.

I don’t like squeeze pages or have a long sales letters, to sell you on my services. If I can’t relate to you my expertise by sharing my content, then I guess a long sales letter may be it.

I prefer to provide content that will help you to transform your business on my blog/website, offer you FREE e-books, my Free newsletter which you get different content that what I write about on my blog, plus you get the calls when I interview other experts.

If there is something you would know to know more about, just ask!

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