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Self Compassion

Self Compassion what the world could use a little  more of, a little more love and self-kindness. Becoming more self-compassionate to be a better human being.

Have you no compassion for a fellow human being? pity, sympathy, empathy, fellow feeling, care, concern, solicitude, sensitivity, warmth, love, tenderness, mercy, leniency, tolerance, kindness, humanity, charity. ANTONYMS indifference, cruelty.” wiki’s definition.

For the man who is white or colored people it may be hard for some of us to understand what the Black people have gone thru for the past several years, because of this you may have a hard time to give compassion to others, if you have not experienced what they have then you likely have not experience a lot of self compassion for yourself.

How can we have more compassion for those that we have not walked in their shoes?

It starts with ourselves, to be compassionate means self-care asking ourselves what do I need today? How can I help myself to get what I need or want. The more we are more self-compassionate towards ourselves the more we can be to others. 

Some strategies was can do is valuing ourselves, connecting with people we care about, friends and family. When we do this we’ll begin to feel support, get validation and maybe even have a feeling of renewal.

Just watch your words that you say to yourself, are you critical of yourself, do you feel emotional pain? Check in with yourself and see what services or resources are available to you to help you explore this part of yourself that isn’t working for you.

Meditation or being mindful has help you to be grounded, to be balanced rather that negative or critical of yourself. Be curious of yourself when you feel you can’t express your feelings except for hard critical words. Keep a journal of your thoughts, feelings and ideas. Incorporate music into your morning routine or through out your day to help you to remind yourself. 

Exploring your mind or psychological well-being will help you to be more satisfied with you life, happier, optimistic, feeling more social connected, emotional resilience. Also start saying to yourself that “You are enough“. Write it on the mirrors, or walls to remind yourself. As you release the critical part of yourself, your depression ( I believe it’s just anger) your anxieties, perfectionism and any eating disorders you have will disappear. I know there is a lot to think about and practice, self-compassion , it offers many health benefits including a better self-esteem.

After some time like three (3) months you will start to feel better about yourself. Start asking yourself “How do I treat my friends?” when you start to apply some compassion and kindness to them, you’ll have better relationships. ask you friends how they like to be treated as a clue in how you can treat them.

Quite often your critical self-talk will subdue to being kinder to yourself and others. 

If you still need some help there are courses, people to reach out to, forgive yourself and those who may have caused you harm. We really have to pay attention to our own pain, or dislikes about ourselves. We all are not perfect, there is no need to be perfect, just be yourself, everyone else is taken.

When you feel some anxieties coming up, take a deep breath, no one will see you doing this, it’s a great way to bring you some love and peace to yourself. You can then respond to either yourself or the situation that has irritated you.

Listen to Immanuel who works with people in workplaces to help them bring more compassion into the space.

Dr. Immanual Joseph

Need help in becoming more compassionate? I do work with people who are in emotional pain. book a complimentary session.


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