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Self-confidence is having the faith in ourselves, where we feel capable and competent. We trust ourselves enough that we make decisions that are right for us.

We have the strength and courage to face whatever is happening, our self-confidence rises up.

The Virtues Project has an app that will give us and virtues that we can focus on to help us with our state of mind. As we are bomb-barded with so my information, ideas and the like that sometimes, I certainly feel overwhelmed. If we listen or read the message the app will give us it will help us focus, knowing that we are building ourselves up each day.

As we learn, we step up each day to say YES! Being grateful for our self-confidence each day.

Low confidence makes it less likely that a person will initiate action and more likely that a person will disengage because they doubt they can handle what needs to be done. Even with skill and motivation, without confidence, goals are not likely to be met

If we have low self-confidence we will likely not feel good about ourselves, don’t have a sense of control over our lives, a lack self-care or not being well in this matter. When you are feeling not well, frustrated or overwhelmed, it’s a good idea to get some support around you.

For example:

* Are you drained and exhausted by trying to cope with depression, mental distress, or PTSD on your own?
* Are you frustrated that procrastination is preventing you from reaching your goals?
* Are you worried that fears, insecurities, and self-sabotage tendencies are driving your lack of confidence?

When haven’t we at one time or another felt this way?

I know I certainly feel drained from other people’s expectations, their judgments or just plane ignorance. It drives me up the wall. For me it’s about finding ways of reaching them of why do they believe _____? What are their experiences?

Rather than staying stuck in relationships that aren’t really working for me – I just explore ways that will help me be a better communicator and advocate for myself.

Self-confidence plays a role is being strong, believing in my own values and what’s important to me, so that I build myself up. You can always get the app for  the, read the one of many to help you build your confidence.

When I first started in business I joined and then created Mastermind groups, or now they are more accountability groups. Because I firmly believe that, especially if you are a solo-entrepreneur – if you don’t have anyone to bounce ideas off of, or would like support in where you may be stuck.. it’s nice to have a group of people supporting you. At the same time, sometimes we just need a kick in the ass. You can read that article here #1 Secret to Success.

Continue to build your self-confidence.. by hanging out with people who have the same values as you, work on developing your own confidence to trust you more.

Check out my Services page, I am here to help you be stronger and empowered.

Thank you for reading..


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