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Sharing your story is important

Sharing your story is important for the people  you care about, or those who you are leaving behind or  your followers and those to share your legacy with.

I was introduced to Yvonne, she wanted to share with me her books she’s written about her dad, and what her dad wanted to tell his family. As Yvonne shared his WWII stories it become apparent that, so many parents have stories they have never shared.

I just interviewed her today for my podcast and I thought it was very revenant in the subjects I have been writing about.  I hope you enjoy her story and how the 5 Wishes can help you in having conversations that perhaps you have never had with your loved ones.

As a reminder, Life Cafe is happening on September 13th, where we will be discussing topics like this or anything else that’s on your mind.

About Yvonne Caputo, has been a teacher. She taught in the Erie Pennsylvania Public Schools for 18 years. She has also been the Vice President of Human Resources at a retirement community, a corporate trainer and consultant, and a psychotherapist.

May her story  make you want to be “Sharing your story is important”  It’s all about learning to live well, be kinder to yourself and others.


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