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Shifting to Collaboration

Shifting to Collaboration by starting a movement. We need to shift our mind-set, by shifting to grow exponentially. Opportunities will come your way.

Take what you know and start a movement. I have several ideas..Get yourself busy. You know that saying, “When my ship comes in I will be at the airport?” Well, this is what will happen to you when you start a movement, things will begin to shift for you.

Opportunities will come your way. As I have gotten older not old old, just up in age that most companies aren’t interested in hiring older people. Ok, seniors work at Walmart. If you still have lots of energy, are enthusiastic then start a movement. If you are good a handyman kind of stuff, go out and help others to become handy, help those that want help. One guy started doing this and before he knew it he was getting jobs all over the place.

This economy reminds me of the early 80’s, everyone was laying off people the oil boom busted, shops were closing, people were falling into despair. They were starting to lose hope. I went back to working in another restaurant/lounge and saved up my money to go back to school. Here I am again. So, what can we do to help ourselves and others? Start a movement.

Find something you are passionate about, invite people around you to join you. Not everyone will accept your invite, however they may know someone who would want to join your movement. Just keep being engaged.

Lead people in your movement, YOU are the person that is going to help them out of their despair. Something to live for, something to be engaged with and while they are following you, they’ll discover life again and start their own movements.

My movement has been about is helping small businesses, solo entrepreneurs promote and market their services, relationships.

I am also a bit of a foodie so I am thinking of starting an Underground Forage. There is a strong big group in San Francisco, there are foodies who have a passion want to share their food. So, if you are looking for a movement or tribe to join let me know if either of these will work for you.

Are you feeling overwhelmed, not leaving enough time for you for you to enjoy your life?

You know who you are, ready, willing and want to grow to the next level. How do you do this when you are already so busy?

It’s called collaborating. We need to shift our mind-set, shift of how we are doing things, to get where we want to go. By working with others, whether they are vendors, other solo-entrepreneurs or people who live in your community or far away. When you come together and collaborate, you can grow exponentially without, spending a lot of extra time.

How do I know this works?

Every Wednesday at noon,  Bonnie Dubrow and I hosted a weekly Webinar series or show we call it, in helping professionals, solo-entrepreneurs “Become known as an authority in your niche”  

This was all a shift to collaboration – who can you collaborate with?

Wouldn’t we all like to be an instant success. We are discussing, asking questions, interviewing people who are experts in their field or those who want help in getting to be an authority in their niche.

Bonnie and I met on BlitzTime, we decided to do something together. We are loving it! It’s insightful, I am learning so much from each person that engages with us.

I also have a Mastermind Group, which is an accountability group we met every 2 weeks, shared what’s going on, what we need support in, sharing tools and resources that may help us all. This certainly supports me, doing what I am doing.

Of course I am have asked to join other people in projects as well…some of these projects require some percolating time. What Bonnie calls  it noodling time.

This is what I am doing with the new version of Heart@Work. I am shifting to something else. It’s like my little voice is saying..time to let go and another part of me is saying NO, NO, I have too much invested in this site. I have been blogging and writing about Marketing, Social Media, Relationships now since 2004. It’s been a long time.. I don’t want to give it up!

I’m shifting to Wellness – individual to workplaces. I have a podcast called “Creating an Impactful Legacy.” I offer life coaching which includes hypnosis. Just started to do live streaming the podcasts. I’m up to 85 of them.. Always looking for people who are in the people business, kindness, empathy, compassion, communications, workplace culture, inclusion etc.

What do people really want? Sometimes, we just don’t know and for some of us we know we need to shift but to what? and when?

I hope you will join me, perhaps we’ll shift together. If you enjoyed this article subscribe to the blog.

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