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Shortage of Customers? 4 Ways to Get More

Do you have a shortage of customers? Here’s 4 ways to get more. Too often we get caught up in how we’ve always done things, because that’s how we’ve always done them.

It’s important to get new ideas from other people and find different ways to help us bring in sales. On BIG way you can is do develop a sales plan.

Many years ago, I learned this lesson of not MARKETING. I would get clients and then forget about doing my MARKETING. Without MARKETING, we get into spells of no customers. I am sharing this because I hear this quite frequently and then I go out and them out, by posts comments, or doing some of their relationship marketing things. Well, this isn’t serving anyone because then I get frustrated with my friends and they learn not to do anything.

I find most often, people say they are going to do their social media including keeping up their Facebook Business Page or Blog or Tweet or get on with LInkedIn. Then some where along the line they just give up and would rather complain they don’t have any business or they aren’t signing up anyone into their business.

I am turning over a new leaf, if you want me to help you I will, however you need to do your own MARKETING. If you don’t want to do it well, hire me or someone else.

A Blog or any Social Media tools you pick will take work, I am not going to tell you that just because you started to use them that you found it too hard. It’s not hard it just means you have to put in the time. Blogging takes more you are writing most of your own content, if you don’t have an outline or editorial calendar then you may end up in giving up. As you grow your blog content you can ask for people to participate by letting them write a blog post for you.

For Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, spend 20 – 30 minutes a day on this. Sometimes you might spend more it depends where your success is.

The thing I really want you to consider is will help you to get clients simply by being a member of an exchange. In turn you can buy some products and services you need using trade dollars. Check out Instant Barter.

Many years ago, we got advertising, our logo designed, printing on Trade rather paying out cash that we really didn’t have.

A business owner bought a Trade Show booth for $5,000.00 trade dollars and in turn, he took in over $5,000.00 in sales from other companies on trade. This saved him from putting out $5,000.00 in cash for something he needed.

Have you considered Sponsoring something? Pick a non-profit that you are passionate about and figure out a way you can do business together. It’s one of the most inexpensive ways to advertise and promote your business. Consider sponsorship as a humanitarian duty, first and foremost, as well as an investment. This is a business investment or partnership between two parties, who work together for mutual benefit.

Sponsorship can open cost-effective doors to target markets, and media that you or they may not be able to access on their own. It also creates an incredible opportunity for your business to boost an awareness of social issues that match your values and goals as an organization.

Lastly, whatever you choose to do to get customers, you need to think about your goals, values and time that you have in place to get the results you want.

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