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Should I write a book?

Do you keep thinking “I should write a book?”  Yah, I did for years, and it’s a ton of work. It took my business partner and I to write Build Your Own Business for start-ups about a year.

Also did a collaborative book with Tim Moores, ten story tellers & myself about Kindness@Work, we didn’t have quite enough stories to get the book published even with Create Space. It was an incredible amount of work. There is an ebook and of course many of the writers were disappointed. It was suggested that they use the book as a giveaway to their subscribers. We did sell a few, as a fundraiser for a disaster relief project. It was still a lot of work without more help.

Now, being part of a TEAM of people who contribute to a book would get you started. It’s less expensive, it’s faster, and it might even give you more credibility. The goal is to become Amazon Best Seller/Author. Working with Mitchell Levy is a TEDx Speaker and Global Credibility Expert who publishes legacy books.

Let me know your level of interest in contributing to a collaborative book called Creating an Impactful Legacy or similar.  It’s based on my Podcast series of “How to create an impactful legacy.

How much does it cost you personally?

It depends . . . if you’re really famous and promise to buy/sell 500+ books. If you just want to piggy back on this without major obligation to purchase or promote, then it’s probably not a good idea for you to join us.  I’ve noticed who is actually in, once the interviews are complete for the Podcast series.

If you’re somewhere in a reasonable place in between these extremes, and we can get 20 to 40 people to play along, then it’s about $500 for each person. There are higher options for those you want to contribute a full article or have more space in the book.

Once you have decided to participate or want more information to be in this group effort let me know and I’ll send more information about it. It’s just preliminary today to see how many of you are interested in doing this. There is a Facebook group, please join Kindness@Work where all the authors and people in the consultant, trainers and coaches are hanging out. It a nice place to network and get to know each other.

Who is this book for?

Business owners, Leaders, HR professionals, CEO’s and Executives, who want a higher performing organization.


Experts who are in the field of workplace culture, productivity, stress, mental health issues and kindness.


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