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Take 30 with Kimberly

Take 30 with Kimberly about what she is going to talk and offer at the Kindness@Work Conference happening January 26-28th, 2021.

Her view point is about helping organizations create higher employee engagement, by giving one of her work shock classes. I have experienced them, it’s quite amazing that within 30 to 60 minutes how everyone is closer feeling better connected to the people in the room.

Kimberly Wiefling

Listen to our call together, see if there is some spark that speaks to you that says to you, YES! I am in. Can’t wait to learn more. The idea of the conference is to bring to you well verse speakers who are already helping organizations to become better at whatever is missing in their business. It could be they are struggling with having a healthier workplace culture or better communication.

You may think we don’t have any complaints.. so we don’t have any problems.. I would suggest that you review this idea. Many organizations, perhaps you are one of them are really struggling with a toxic workplace and don’t know what to do about it.

How did you get there? Most times people are too scared to say anything. Join Kimberly along with 11 other speakers who can help you navigate your situation. If you aren’t asking for help or implementing the help – then I would suggest that you are the problem.

I know it sounds harsh.. I’ve always said, “The fish, rot from the head down.” The fish is the CEO or Founders or the Managers who have the authority to make changes and don’t for whatever reason. Too proud? You don’t want to look like a failure? You have your reasons.

Kimberly Wiefling will shake you up – work shock you, into using kindness as a strategy, it’s not a weakness. It’s truly a catalyst for change.

Read more about her bio and her experiences.

On this website there are many articles about Kindness and how it makes a difference.

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