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Thank you for all my subscribers

Thank you for all my new subscribers for the three topics I write about – marketing, living unhoused, and living well it includes kindness.

I’ve also been learning new software and want to do more training and teaching. I would like to know what topics or services you would like to know more about.

Please let me know what they would be.. from the Ice Cream Social that I did in Sacremento, CA the people who attended wanted more opportunities to discuss, have round table discussions. A couple of Chamber of Commerces that I was speaking with, we are going to work on this.

Got any Suggestions?  Just contact me. Thank you!

Marketing – well I love marketing and decided to focus on marketing, strategies, get people to think of the unlimited possibilities for their business. It all starts here

Living unhoused.. every day I see more and more people sleeping in their cars. Because there is such a shortage of houses, apartments etc., that living in your vehicle you are considered housed.

Living Well-  it covers topics about living in general, kindness I have moved most of the kindness things over to it’s own website., 

And to subscribe to just the topics scroll further down and you’ll find what you want to know more about. If you want to know a little about everything, I would pick blog.

Also understanding what’s happening in the online world of marketing. I am launching a FREE 5-day Blogging Challenge. Starting September 18-22nd..It is an evening one this time will start 6:00pm.Here’s  the link..  After you register, I’ll be sending out the pre-class homework.. Yes this is a do the work as go along.

Being in Sacremento and Stockton the last few times, which I am on the hunt for a place to live up there. I have been able to find some great collaborators and let go of my volunteer work for awhile. I am loyal and committed, but sometimes I go too far. Score was a great transition place to be for the past 8 months.. time to move on. If you are retired and looking to a place to hang you hat check it out.

Wanted to share some SBA webinars with you that you may be interested in.

September Webinars:

Until next time, please subscribe to my news.


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