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The Art of Connecting

The Art of connecting written by Roger and Sally Horchow, they were a father and daughter team..they offer some simple rules to make meaningful connections.

Connecting is the key to launching a friendship. Remember Malcolm Gladwell from the tipping point? He says “Roger is a “connector.” Connectors are those rare people who have a special gift of bringing people together, they know a lot of people.

Connectors cultivate friendships and acquaintances for the simple joy of it. In their little book they gives some ways in which you can to become a connector. (Roger passed away

Lesson # 1. Reach out to someone you don’t know.

Who don’t you know? Finding them come from asking this to open a dialogue in seeking out new friends. If you are willing to open up a conversation, you could quite possibly have a wonderful friend.

Lesson #2. There are 365 days in a year, just think about saying  “Hello” to one person per day at the end of the year you would have 365 new friends.

For me I have met my best friends through networking and just keeping in touch with them. I reached out to someone on Twitter.

Here is Michael Hartzell who gave us many nuggets for marketing..

Most of us have groups and wonder how we can market to them without offending the members and yet get what we want.

Bonnie and I used to have a audio show and interview people about various questions in the areas of marketing and strategies

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