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The Damage Dementia Causes

The Damage Dementia Causes – how dementia shows up in our lives and the end of our lives.  Since it’s a diagnose of brain cells that are deteriorating. Why?

The research says that, it tends to be aging seniors when this is not true you could be in your 40’s and up and gradually acquire it. What helps to keep it at bay is our diet, listening to music and being active. It’s not just about forgetting where you put your keys, it’s deeper than this.

Suzanne O’Brien shares how it presents itself at the end of life..  Let’s start with at the end, with the Doula Givers.



And, Max Legavere talks about why dementia became really important for him and things he’s been doing to help prevent to bring on an early stage of dementia.  His view Dementia is preventable.

Did you know that Alzheimer’s disease. This is the most common cause of dementia?

Although not all causes of Alzheimer’s disease are known, experts do know that a small percentage are related to mutations of three genes, which can be passed down from parent to child. While several genes are probably involved in Alzheimer’s disease, one important gene that increases risk is apolipoprotein E4 (APOE).

Alzheimer’s disease patients have plaques and tangles in their brains. Plaques are clumps of a protein called beta-amyloid, and tangles are fibrous tangles made up of tau protein. It’s thought that these clumps damage healthy neurons and the fibers connecting them.

Other disorders linked to dementia and The Damage Dementia Causes

Dementia is an umbrella term for conditions involving cognitive impairment, with symptoms that include memory loss, personality changes, and issues with language, communication, and thinking. Dementia is not a normal part of aging – while small short-term memory decreases are an expected part of aging, dementia causes serious impairment and can hugely impact quality of life. Read More.

Dementia Statistics:

  • Affects 47.5 million people worldwide
  • 60%+ of dementia cases are Alzheimer’s
  • 33% of people age 85+ have Alzheimer’s
  • Care cost could reach $1 trillion by 2030

According to a 2010 study at Boston University, Alzheimer’s patients who underwent a series of memory tests remembered more lyrics when they were set to music rather than just spoken.

Music training can improve auditory verbal memory and auditory attention.

Energetic beats make people feel more lively, while calming music soothes. Listening to music also releases endorphins, which reduce pain, stress and depression as well as offers a greater sense of control of the environment.

I would say listening to music also helps with depression.. get’s you in a better head space. For music and things you can do now about music read more

Getting old doesn’t have to be about gloom and doom, we all need to be advocates for our own health and well-being. Make sure we look after ourselves and family members to continue to live a happy life together.

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